Board Honors Mepham Physics Team’s First Place Win

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The Mepham Physics Olympics team competed against a field of 18 very well prepared high school teams from all over Long Island in the 33rd Annual Physics Olympics sponsored by the Long Island Physics Teachers Association held at SUNY Farmingdale in March.

The events the team participated in were:
“The Fermi Event” – students estimated quantities such as “How many drops of water are in the Atlantic Ocean.”

“Bowling for Glory” – students used their understanding of forces and motion to guide a bowling ball through a complex path using on y the bristles of a broom.

“Laser Light Show” – students calculated the properties of a glass prism and predicted where a laser beam passing through the prism and reflected off a mirror will land.

“Rear End Collision” – students have to find where two toy cars of different speeds would rear end each other along a fixed track.

“Physics Bowl” – a game show style competition where students are challenged on their physics knowledge.

The Mepham team earned second place trophies for the Physics Bowl and the Bowling for Glory events.  However, they scored so well in all of the events that the team took the overall first place trophy in what was considered a very close competition.