Calhoun Marks 58th Commencement Ceremony

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The June 25 commencement ceremony for Calhoun High School’s Class of 2017, which was held at the NYCB Theatre at Westbury, celebrated the students as individuals and as a collective group.

“You are by all measures a phenomenal group of students, athletes, artists and musicians,” said Principal Nicole Hollings. “With all of your abilities and talents, your futures burn bright with promise, possibility, power and potential. All of you have the power within yourselves to inspire, encourage, empathize and guide each other.”

Board member and fellow Calhoun alumna Wendy Gargiulo reminded graduates that their virtues will become their commonality in life.

“Know that someone will always have more than you,” she said, referring to the life’s perpetual rat race. “Your reputation and having integrity are so much more important than material things.”

Social studies teacher/senior class adviser Brian Joyce offered the faculty farewell, stressing the importance of legacy, as he teaches in his leadership course.

“Think to yourselves, ‘how do you want to be remembered?’ And always try to focus on being the best version of yourself and find a way to serve others.”

Class president Sara Samir reflected on Calhoun’s atmosphere as “binding.”

“For those who may not have been as affected as others, this day marks an opportunity for them to flourish,” she said.

Valedictorian Julia Losner talked about the power of the sun after an eclipse and wow moments from kindergarten to now.

“There are many more to come, including when we discover something about ourselves we didn’t know was there.”

Salutatorian Matthew Garber used learning how to tie a bow tie as a metaphor for persevering through life’s struggles.

“It’s the twists and turns of a bow tie and the pulling and finagling that represent the trials of our character.”

Pulling out a small mirror to adjust the bow tie, Garber told classmates to “focus on self-reflection and re-evaluation to get through the hurdles.”