Kennedy Students Learn How to ‘Arrive Alive’

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Students at Kennedy High School learned valuable, hands-on lessons about the dangers and consequences of impaired driving as the Arrive Alive Tour visited the campus on Oct. 4.

The UNITE Arrive Alive Tour program uses a high-tech simulator, impact video and a number of other resources to educate the public about the dangers of intoxicated driving.

After wearing vision impairment goggles to navigate a police sobriety test of walking a straight line, sophomore Desiree Rigaud said the seemingly simple task was “quite difficult.”

“I felt like I was going to fall to one side with every step I took,” she added. “I didn’t expect that.”

The simulator allows participants to experience the potential consequences of impaired driving in a controlled environment.

Health teacher Katie Speiss said the program, sponsored by the Community Parent Center, ties in a lesson about positive versus negative risk taking and “how the choices students make now can affect them for the rest of their lives.”

The program was brought to Calhoun High School on Sept. 13 and will also be visiting Mepham High School. A version of the program will also be presented to the middle schools.

Focusing on health and safety issues, the Community Parent Center provides a full complement of school assembly programs, parent/community workshops and school administrator/staff development seminars addressing a wide range of topics: pre-prom and graduation safety, teen driver safety, mental health and youth depression, bullying, cybersafety and more.