VIDEO: Mepham Alumni Donate Benches to Courtyard

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Inspired by the district’s wellness centers initiative, the Mepham High School Class of 1969 donated six picnic tables for the school’s courtyard.

“Round in nature for a reason,” explained committee member Susan Tietz Lupo at the Oct. 24 dedication ceremony. “Because what better way to open the lines of communication on mental health awareness than to be able to sit around a table with each other and talk.”

The group explained they tapped into their 50 years of life experience and “imparted some of the wisdom they have gained over the years” by adding inspirational words onto each table; kindness, acceptance, compassion, respect, positivity and dignity.

Ahead of the courtyard ceremony, the group and current juniors lined the school’s foyer and handed out Pirate’s Booty snacks to students at dismissal. They donated 1,200 bags of the aptly named treat, as the school mascot is the Pirates.

“Our alumni group does so much for our school on a regular basis,” explained Principal Eric Gomez. “Not only do they contribute to a lot of the programs that students are a part of, they also help fund ELITE activities, kickline, cheer, sports and so much more.”