Mepham Students SPARK Career Possibilities

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Students from the Advanced Science Research Program at Mepham High School visited Northwell's Plainview Hospital, as part of the Spark! Challenge experience.

“They learned the behind the scenes of a surgical operating room team and even recreate what it takes to do a full knee replacement surgery,” explained science teacher Neeru Partap. “Students also learned how to prepare for a sterile operating room environment and how to use tools used in a laparoscopic gall bladder surgery.” 

They were also introduced to several members of the team who spoke about their careers, along with other career opportunities in the medical field. 

The Northwell Health Spark! Challenge is an exciting competition that enables teams of students from local high schools to participate in onsite "Career Days." 

These Career Days are hosted at multiple Northwell Health sites to introduce students to a variety of careers within health care.