Eighth-Graders Celebrate Moving Up

Eighth-grade students at Grand Avenue and Merrick Avenue middle schools officially marked the end of their middle school careers and the transition into high school during moving up ceremonies, which were done based on academic teams, on June 13.

Students came into the auditoriums marching to the traditional “Pomp and Circumstance” in front of parents, family and peers. Graduating seniors from Calhoun, Kennedy and Mepham high schools served as guest speakers, providing words of encouragement and insight to their younger counterparts as they are about to embark on a similar new journey. Eighth-grade student speakers provided reflections on the past two years in middle school, as well as their hopes and dreams for the future. Members of the Board of Education and district’s central administration also offered their congratulations. Additionally, the schools’ vocal groups – the Select Chorus at Grand Avenue and Word of Mouth at Merrick Avenue – provided musical interludes.

Each student made their way across the stages, receiving handshakes from administrators and teachers alike and officially signifying their middle school commencement. Grand Avenue Principal Carlo Conte and Merrick Avenue Principal Dr. Meador Pratt addressed the audiences about the importance of this period in the students’ lives and congratulated them on reaching this critical milestone.

“By now, I hope you feel special in knowing just how many people have invested themselves in your success,” said Mr. Conte. “It was only two short years ago when you walked in those doors as seventh-graders.”

“Students, as you go forward into high school and beyond, I hope that you will chose to maintain your MAMS PRIDE with the integrity that is so critical for your success,” said Dr. Pratt. “Congratulations to all of you on your successes so far at Merrick Avenue Middle School. You deserve to be honored on this day.”


Grand Avenue and Merrick Avenue Eighth-Graders Honored

Eighth-graders at Grand Avenue and Merrick Avenue middle schools were recognized for their outstanding achievements in academics, athletics, extracurricular activities, the arts and community service during the annual eighth-grade awards programs on June 9.

Grand Avenue bestowed numerous awards to students based on outstanding academic achievement in English, integrated algebra, mathematics, earth science, science, social studies, French, Spanish and Italian. Several students were also honored for their participation in academic competitions throughout the year. Scholar-athletes, musicians and artists were recognized, in addition to dozens of students who achieved the community service medal and school organizations medals. Special awards were also given out to acknowledge exceptional student involvement and scholarship, scholar-athlete status and outstanding eighth-grade students.

“We are here tonight to celebrate the hard work and many successes of our students,” said Grand Avenue Principal Carlo Conte. “We also want to recognize and salute their accomplishments and dedication. They deserve our praise and admiration for their efforts.”

Students at Merrick Avenue were honored with awards of distinction, which included principal’s and assistant principals’ awards, among others. Teachers from each team presented awards to their students in English, social studies, mathematics, earth science and science, as well as a team-specific PRIDE award to recognize those who upheld the tenets of the character education program. Additional distinctions were awarded to students in all subject areas schoolwide. Eighth-graders were also honored for their dedication to extracurricular activities, community service, scholastic achievement and athletics. Guidance department PRIDE recognition was bestowed on certain students, and four-sport athletes were honored as well.

“Tonight is a night to honor the achievements of our students from the last two years, both in and out of the classroom,” said Merrick Avenue Principal Dr. Meador Pratt. “Sitting before us is a tremendous group of students, and we know they will continue to build upon their accomplishments as they enter high school.”