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Students Honored as 2020 Cultural Arts Recipients

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Each year eighth and 12th graders in the Bellmore-Merrick schools are nominated by their teachers to audition/interview with the Cultural Arts Foundation committee. The community-based, volunteer organization, now in its 41st year, encourages and supports student musicians, artists and theatrical performers. The winners are usually honored at a luncheon at the Coral House in late May.

“While we are devastated that this year’s recipients could not be celebrated in person, we wanted to make sure that they received the proper recognition for their commitment to the Arts,” said Cheryl Fontana, District Director of the Fine & Performing Arts. “We are so grateful for the District’s long-standing relationship with the Foundation and the opportunities it provides for our talented students.”

Congratulations is extended to the following students and their teachers on this well-earned honor:

Alec Ader – Band: Grand Avenue MS (teacher, Mr. Blanco)
Conrad Ariola – Photography: Mepham HS (teacher, Ms. Stevens)
Grace Bayer –Mixed Media: Mepham HS (teacher, Ms. Stevens)
Lauren Chin – Photography: Calhoun HS (teacher, Ms. Seckler)
Julia Cohen –Orchestra: Grand Avenue MS (teacher, Mr. D’Addio)
Mikaela Cohen - Mixed Media: Kennedy HS (teacher, Ms. Albaneze)
Kaitlyn D’Antone –Photography: Kennedy HS (teacher, Ms. Ritchie)
Joseph Darcourt – Orchestra: Merrick Avenue MS (teacher, Mr. D’Addio)
Joy DelGiorno – Vocal: Mepham HS (teacher, Ms. Pincus)
Jaclyn Dobbs –Vocal: Grand Avenue MS (teacher, Ms. Cantwell)
Mark Edayadi – Band: Calhoun HS (teacher, Mr. Tumminelli)
Amelia Elbendary – Vocal: Calhoun HS (teacher, Mr. Sardo)
Yianna Foufas - Visual Arts: Grand Avenue MS (teacher, Mr. DiNucci)
Lana Guber- Vocal: Merrick Avenue MS (teacher, Ms. Brandwein)
Avtar Jassal – Orchestra: Kennedy HS (teacher, Mr. Salzer)

Ella Kahn – Photography: Merrick Avenue MS (teacher, Ms. Gillespie)
Michelle Kreinsen - Mixed Media: Calhoun HS (teacher, Mr. Goldberg)
Madeline Maione - Visual Arts: Merrick Avenue MS (teacher, Ms. Steiding)
Aiden McCormack –Band: Mepham HS (teacher, Mr. Brandofino)
Cooper Moran – Band: Kennedy HS (teacher, Mr. Avellaneda)
Liam Osborne –Band: Merrick Avenue MS (teacher, Mr. Byers)
Bailey Peckman – Drama: Mepham HS (teacher, Mr. Grosskreuz)
V Pham – Orchestra: Mepham HS (teacher, Ms. Flynn)
Josh Rosenberg -Graphic Design: Kennedy HS (teacher, Ms. Conte)
Matthew Rutigliano – Photography: Grand Avenue MS (teacher, Mr. DiNucci)
Bari Secondino – Drama: Calhoun HS (teacher, Mr. Salerno)
Kiara Stefandel –Vocal: Kennedy HS (teacher, Ms. Pincus)
Dylan Torres –Drama: Kennedy HS (teacher, Mr. Seidman)
Kayla Wong – Orchestra: Calhoun HS (teacher, Ms. Flynn)
Mengyn Wu -Fashion Design: Calhoun HS (teacher, Ms. Goldberg)
Matthew Ziccardi – Sculpture: Calhoun HS (teacher, Mr. Goldberg)

To read more about these students, please visit the Bellmore-Merrick Fine & Performing Arts website at

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