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Teachers Receive $500 Grants for Science Equipment

Teachers Receive $500 Grants for Science Equipment thumbnail179523
Two teachers in the Central High School District were awarded $500 grants from Jovia Financial Credit Union.

Both Jennifer Pefanis and Scott Azar have earned these grants for the second consecutive school year.

Pefanis, an advanced science research teacher at Calhoun High School, said, “last year we were able to purchase a new high-powered microscope and some attachments for taking pictures.”

“My ASR 10th graders are the ones that will benefit the most from the items that I will purchase with the grant,” she added.

Scott Azar, a split science teacher at Grand Avenue Middle School and the Meadowbrook Alternative Program, said, “I’m going to use this money, along with hopefully some other grants, to build an Augmented Reality Sand Box.”

“We’d be one of a few districts that have one around here and I think the students would really learn a lot from using it,” he added.

Pefanis and Azar participated in the company’s Funding Your Ideas Teacher Grant Program, which required them to submit an application and project proposal.

“We truly appreciate the enthusiasm conveyed in your project proposal and know it will positively impact your students’ learning experiences,” wrote Fran Dougherty in a congratulatory email sent on behalf of The FYI Teacher Grant Committee.

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