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Grand Avenue Student Council Holds Shoe Drive

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Grand Avenue Middle School’s Student Council held recently held a shoe drive to raise money for the school.

“As students and educators, we want to leave the world a better place for future generations,” said Howard Fields, who is the dean of students, a social studies teacher and student council adviser. “We have to do sustainable things to help the planet and the environment. That means keeping gently worn, used and new shoes out of landfills. Most families have 10 pairs of shoes they no longer use, but they have nowhere to throw them away. In other words, they know that throwing shoes in the trash is not the answer.”

They collected 625 pairs of gently worn and new shoes.

In return, rewarded Grand Avenue by paying them .40 cents for every pound of shoes collected. These shoes will be shipped to people and places affected by natural disasters around the world.

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