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Merrick Avenue Marks Moving Up Ceremonies

Three eighth grade graduates  thumbnail185036

In an outdoor ceremony marked with pomp, circumstance, balloon arches and other fanfare, the Middle Avenue Middle School class of 2021 celebrated their moving up on June 11 with two ceremonies.

“The past two years our students have faced unimaginable challenges,” said Assistant Principal Kate Caporusso in her opening remarks. “Their patience and fortitude has been tested in the most trying of times. And they have persevered. Things may not have looked exactly as they have in the past, but with a lot of planning, creativity and courage, we reimagined how things could look and worked to give our kids the experiences they deserved.”

Eighth grader Zara Selvin belted out the National Anthem and Word of Mouth, led by Dana Brandwein, sang a moving rendition of “Just Sing.”

Sanford H. Calhoun High School senior Eden Gould-Anderson was invited to address the 12:30 p.m. ceremony and encouraged incoming freshmen to ‘develop their own voice or style.’

“These next four years will help cultivate who you are,” she added. “Be sure to find passion and balance.”

Principal Katelyn Dunne addressed the crowd just ahead of the diploma presentations, thanking the students for ‘bringing life back into the building.’

“This year sparked innovation and challenged most of us,” she remarked. “Everyone was forced to adapt and adjust in some capacity and this experience has let us see how amazing and resilient you all are.”

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