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Kennedy Spanish Classes Get On Their Feet

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On March 9, a group of students from Kennedy High School’s Spanish 4H and AP Spanish took a field trip to Manhattan to see the Broadway show “On Your Feet.” 

Leading up to the show, Señora Amanda Cooper, Señora Franca Fiorentino and Señorita Christine O'Neill prepared lessons about famous Spanish artists and musicians, focusing on Gloria Estefan. 

Students investigated the impact that Gloria Estefan has had on her fans both in the U.S. and in Cuba and other Spanish-speaking countries. They loved the show, the music and learning about the inspiration for many of Estefan's songs. 

“As a culmination to the trip, students will record a two minute cultural comparison in Spanish (in AP exam format) to compare Gloria Estefan with a famous American musician,” said Renée Fallon, world languages chairperson. “This was a thoroughly enriching, cultural experience for the students who continue to rave about the play.”

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