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Kennedy Hosts Relay Events to Raise Money

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The Kennedy High School Student Government has been working hard to raise money to donate to the American Cancer Society.

On March 3, they hosted a 3-on-3 basketball tournament. Teams were able to sign up for the chance to compete and donate to the cause. The teams of 3 competed all afternoon as spectators and members of student government came down to support the fundraiser.

When the tournament started, there were 18 teams - which slowly dwindled down to one. After hours of hard work and friendly competition, Team Moose (Nico Racalbuto, James Ferry and Mikey Schwartz) became the tournament champions. With the help of the participants and the spectators, student government was able to raise more than $250 to add to the Relay For Life donations.

The Kennedy Student Government also hosted a Super Smash Brothers tournament in the GI room on March 2. Forty students came down to participate, each paying a $5 entrance fee, which raised about $250. After hours of competition, Zach Stone came out on top.

Between the two events, more than $400 was raised for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life.

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