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Calhoun English Prep Students Create Bookmarks

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Students in Beth Johnson’s English prep class at Calhoun High School learned research and resourcing skills with the assistance of librarian Kathryn Elefterion during a recent Women’s History Month project.
Students were assigned a historical female figure and learned how to navigate websites to find out more about this person.
“Listen to videos on and get interesting facts or something special about the individual,” Elefterion instructed the special education students. “The point of the project is for you to learn more about these amazing women.”
Student Elizabeth Randman said she wanted to research Rosa Parks after learning about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s civil rights efforts in a January lesson.
“Rosa Parks started the Montgomery bus boycott to stop African-Americans from giving up their seats if white people wanted to ride the bus,” she explained.
Later in the lesson, the students will also write a personal tribute to a woman in their own life, to help foster writing skills.

"This is to help them highlight things that this woman in their lives has done to inspire them,” Johnson said.

Afterward, students created bookmarks using computer software that included some details they learned.

“The bookmarks will be on display for the library's patrons to use,” Johnson added.

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