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Bulldogs Named to MSG Varsity All-Long Island Hockey Team

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Bellmore-Merrick Bulldog players Tommy Condon and Jon Olson were named to the MSG Varsity All-Long Island first and second teams, respectively.

Condon, a junior at Sanford H. Calhoun High School, plays forward for the Bulldogs and “had 49 goals and 26 assists in just 19 game,” according to MSG Varsity.

Olson, a junior at Wellington C. Mepham High School, also plays forward and “had 25 goals and 33 assists and was second on Bellmore-Merrick with 58 points.”

Additionally, coach Chris Patten, a Wellington C. High School Mepham teacher, was named 2016 All-Long Island Coach of the Year.

After going undefeated during the regular season, “Patten kept them grounded, while also preaching the importance of family and community,” MSG Varsity stated.

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