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Calhoun Cheerleaders With a Cause

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Although the cheerleading season may be over, the Calhoun High School cheerleaders continue to cheer for a cause. The Calhoun cheerleading program has a history of being a charitable organization and in the past few years, they have raised money for breast cancer and Relay for Life.  

Keeping the spirit of service alive in the off season, they continued fundraising and giving back. Many of these students are balancing a spring sports schedule, school work and afterschool jobs, along with the commitment to raising awareness.
This past April, the cheerleading program helped fulfill a Make-A-Wish when Calhoun hosted a student for the day. Elsey Kok had the full Cahoun High School experience, including a spirited cheerleading practice in the afternoon. The athletes enjoyed teaching her many cheers and dances they perform on the sidelines at games. More recently, the program hosted a cheerleading clinic, where part of the proceeds raised were donated to the American Cancer Society for the Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District Relay for Life. It was inspiring to see so many people coming together with a shared love of cheerleading to raise awareness.  

The Calhoun cheerleading program plans to continue their charitable nature throughout the remainder of the school year raising money for the May 13 Relay for Life at Calhoun High School. They are also planning more activities to take place during the fall season.

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