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MAP Shakespeare Festival Was ‘To Be’

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Participants of Meadowbrook Alternative Program’s Shakespeare Festival took the lead from the famous playwright/poet and were true to “thine own selves.”

“It was a bit different this year in that through a grant we were able to secure green screens and videotape a lot prior to the actual festival,” explained Laura Sheridan, English teacher and event organizer. “This opened us up to people doing voiceovers, working with technology and other aspects that engaged our students.”

Students acted out scenes live onstage, including one with a voiceover from Superintendent of Schools John DeTommaso before watching the previously recorded acting sessions from students and teachers.

“From the live productions to those which were filmed against the green screen; each was spectacular,” said MAP Principal Susan Ellinghaus.
About 30 MAP students got a taste of what to expect a week prior to the festival when they attended “The Comedy of Errors” play in New York City.

“We like to expose them to live theater whenever possible, and we want to get them psyched up for the following week,” Sheridan added. 


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