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Mepham Research Students Earn Honorable Mention

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Five projects from Mepham High School’s Intro to Research classes received honorable mention in the Toshiba ExploraVision Competition.

The project titles and group members are as follows:
3-D Printed Stem Cell Limbs — Alessandra Bracco, Helena Fu, Alexa Nilsen and Anthony Scotto 
Automatic Aid Dispatch System — Julia Cicchillo, Mia McElwee, Anika Strite, Emily Yucht
Carbon Dioxide Recycling Units — Ameziane Aouchiche and Joshua Ostroff
Paw Printalator — Annaliese Boglione, Lauren Bourquin, Alanna Morse and Luciana Setteducate
Proclivator —  Emma DeOliveira, Madeline Finelli and Victoria Konyk

ExploraVision is the world's largest K-12 STEM scholarship competition, challenging students to brainstorm and create inspiring technology and science projects

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