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MAMS Rams Partake in Moving Up Ceremonies

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Staff at Merrick Avenue Middle School drummed up the pomp and circumstance for three eighth-grade moving up ceremonies held on June 8.

They spoke with pride and joy of the class.

“Collectively, they’ve compiled thousands of hours of community service and are beloved by our staff,” said Assistant Principal Katelyn Dunn. “We were successful together because of the amazing partnership in the Bellmore-Merrick community between parents and schools.”

Principal Dr. Taryn Johnson echoed sentiments of achievement.

“You have permitted us to watch you develop a sense of agency, cultivate the spirt of giving and strengthen your commitment to school and community,” she added. 

Sanford H. Calhoun High School senior, a MAMS alumna, Lauren Ameruoso addressed the graduates.

“MAMS introduced me to the same friends I have today,” she said, encouraging students to practice being a hero every single day in high school. “Find a role model, step outside of your comfort zone, expand your empathy and do small good things for others and your community.” 

Zachary Dumelle, a student speaker for Team Six, was grateful to be a role model for the younger students in the school.

“Middle school was an experience I will never forget,” he said. “It has made us all become more helpful, mature and kindhearted for the future.”

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