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Students Named Broadcom MASTERS Semifinalists

Students Named Broadcom MASTERS Semifinalists  thumbnail133491
Three ninth grade students from the Central High School District were recently named national semifinalists in the Broadcom MASTERS competition.
Tyler Bissoondial of Kennedy High School and a team of two students, Adhith Isaac and Dillon Moi of Mepham High School, all conducted their research and competed in the competition while still eighth graders at Grand Avenue Middle School.

Bissoondial’s research project is titled: “Isolation and Characterization of Salt Tolerant Mutants in Raphanus sativa (Radish).” Global soil salinization is an emerging problem facing crop productions. Bissoondial isolated strains of radishes that can grow in high salt. These plants can be used to remediate areas with high salt or for growing radish crops in affected areas. In addition to being named a 2019 semifinalist, Bissoondial was a 2018 national finalist.  

Adhith and Moi’s research project is titled, “Is it Possible to Create a More Functional Smartwatch?” For their project, they designed a smartwatch that is more user friendly, especially in standalone use, compared to watches currently on the market. The watch they designed has many hardware features, such as composite video output and full-size USB, as well as many software functions, such as a calculator and a word processor. It is a watch that runs full open-source Linux software, and is basically like a full computer on the wrist.

Broadcom MASTERS is a premier STEM competition for middle school students. Only the top 300 students are named finalists from more than 2,300 applicants. All students were advised under the counsel of Grand Avenue science teacher, Tami Cruz.

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