Dear Parents/Guardians:


On Thursday afternoon, a Kennedy student was riding his bicycle east bound on Merrick road when a small black four- door sedan (an older model, with silver hub caps on the front wheels and gold on the back wheels) pulled up next to him and proceeded to yell obscenities and threats from the passenger window.  In an effort to evade the car, the student turned south on to South St. Mark’s road at which point the car turned to follow.  The car pulled ahead of the student and cut him off; both the driver and passenger exited the vehicle and began to verbally harass and threaten the student. The two young men wanted money and threatened to beat up the student if he didn’t empty his pockets. The student was able to  run away from the two young men.  The driver and passenger were described as Caucasian young men between the ages of 16-19 years old.  This criminal incident was reported to the police.

Please speak with your children about this incident and remind them to report any dangerous situation to you and to the school.

Thank you.