Dear Parents,


As we approach the winter weather season, we would like to ensure that everyone is prepared in case we have storms that interfere with the opening of school in the future.  

The following is a reminder of the SCHOOL DELAYED OPENING/CLOSING information which is also posted on the district website (School Closing/Delays under Parents/Students section):


Delayed Openings

Information for Students & Parents

In the event of inclement weather, a delayed opening of school by two (2) hours may be implemented by the Superintendent. Should this take place, the following schedule will be followed:

  • Middle Schools: Grades 7-8 will report to their period 1 classes at 9:56 am. The length of each period will be 25 minutes.
  • High Schools: Grades 9-12 will report to their period 1 classes at 9:30 am. The length of each period will be 28 minutes
  • MAP: Grades 10-12 will report to their period 1 classes at 10:45 am.

Buses: Bus schedules will also be delayed by exactly two (2) hours. For example, if your child’s pick-up time is normally scheduled for 7:34 am, a two (2) hour delay will change the pick-up time to 9:34 am.

  • Magnet Classes: Magnet classes in all schools will be canceled. Students are to report directly to their home school by 9:30 am for period 1.
  • Field Trips: Field trips that are scheduled to go out on the morning of a delayed opening will be canceled.  At the discretion of the principal, trips whose departure time falls safely within the shortened school day may go out as scheduled. However, field trips will be canceled if road or weather conditions continue to remain hazardous after the delayed opening.
  • BOCES Classes: All morning BOCES Barry Tech and other Occupational Education programs will be canceled. Morning BOCES students should report to their home schools at their normal start times.
  • School Lunch: Lunch will be available and served to all students at their regularly scheduled lunchtime.
  • Dismissal Time: Students will be dismissed at the normal time and afterschool activities will proceed as usual unless a cancellation is announced.
  • Student Absence: Please follow the regular procedure and call your Attendance Office if your child will not be attending school.
  • Closing School: A delayed opening is subject to change if the weather or road conditions remain hazardous. The Superintendent retains the option to close schools if the potential for hazardous conditions continues.