Mepham Celebrates Middle Eastern and South Asian Culture

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On March 1, a festive crowd gathered at Mepham High School to learn more about the Islam faith and Muslim culture during the second annual Middle Eastern and South Asian Night.

The event is the brainchild of junior Rina Sarfraz, who explained that her goal is to “educate others about Islam as well as show off the beautiful intricacies of her culture.”

Attendees enjoyed a variety of activities including coloring mandalas, receiving henna tattoos and nibbling on traditional foods such as samosas, naan, kebabs, banana chips. 

Some participants even dipped their toes – and hips – into an interactive Bollywood dance lesson.

Hosted on behalf of the World of Difference and Leo clubs, led by adviser Josephine Parlagreco, the groups aim to teach others about acceptance and respect of people no matter race, religion, gender, etc. Proceeds from raffle sales will benefit the UN Refugee Agency.