Department of World Languages Hosts Poster Contest

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The Department of World Languages in the Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District would like to congratulate the participants and winners of our districtwide poster contest commemorating National Foreign Language Week. 

This year’s entries centered on the theme “Multilingualism is a Superpower.” Students from all grades submitted entries illustrating the importance of cultural awareness and learning a second language.

“We wish to thank all of our students who participated and submitted votes to select the winners,” said Enrique Montes, Department of World Languages and ENL chairperson. “We would also like to thank all faculty and staff members who voted and encouraged our students. Félicitacions!  Congratulazioni! ¡Felicitaciones!”

This year’s winners are:

•    Calhoun High School:
First place - Honora Campbell
Second place - Maricar Vergel
Third place - Quinn Chao

•    Kennedy High School:
First place- Tara Elengickal
Second place- Josephine Cheung
Third place- Stephanie Kaplan

•    Mepham High School:
First place- Victoria Caruso
Second place- Eli Koukoulis
Third place- Annemarie Hagarty and Nicole Farina

•    Grand Avenue Middle School:
First place- Gianna Augugliaro
Second place- Jacob Rosenkrantz
Third place- Alessandro Barsallo

•    Merrick Avenue Middle School:
First place- Jadyn Hakim
Second place- Anastasia Slobodov
Third place- Hannah Samuels