District Students Inducted into National English Honor Society

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On April 19, all three high schools in the Central High School District welcomed new members into the prestigious National English Honor Society, an organization which recognizes the merits of accomplished students and faculty in the field of English Language Arts. To qualify for NEHS membership, students must maintain a certain GPA, take part in at least two writing competitions throughout the school year, contribute to an English related activity, attend a school arts event and complete a rigorous course of study in their English classes.

At Calhoun High School, 32 students were inducted into the school’s NEHS chapter, led by English teacher Dawn Boland. Current NEHS president, senior Josh Aberman, presented a keynote speech at the ceremony about how literature changed his life and continues to affect him as a student and an individual. Senior officers Rachel Gershengoren (vice president) and Kristi Chan (treasurer) presented each inductee with a membership pin, certificate and a personalized gift: a copy of Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged,” signed by one or more of their past English teachers to congratulate them on their achievement.

At Kennedy High School, 21 students were inducted into the school’s NEHS chapter, led by English teacher Kimberly Miller. Current NEHS president, senior Rebecca Stekol, presented a keynote speech at the ceremony about the power of writing and its ability to liberate individuals and society. English teacher Steven Mastromariono and English Chairperson Adeline Atkins presented each inductee with their certificates. Daniel Sheffield, an honorary inductee and veteran English teacher, was inducted and acknowledged for his dedication to his students both inside and outside of the classroom. Sheffield has taught English at Kennedy High School for 13 years and has directed 13 drama productions.

Mepham High School welcomed young adult author Kate Karyus Quinn as a keynote speaker for its induction ceremony, who shared anecdotal stories of childhood creativity that led her to pursue her dream to write novels. Mepham’s Poet Laureate Maura Singleton shared an original poem penned for the event. Senior officers Kelsie Schroder, Kara Brust, Bradley Boyle and Katherine Galgano then honored English teacher and Skull and Bones Drama Club adviser Edward Grosskreuz with Honorary membership and NEHS co-advisers Heather Castellano and Shari Stack awarded the Erin McArdle Memorial Scholarship to graduating senior and NEHS secretary Bradley Boyle before inducting new members.