Merrick Avenue’s M.O.R.E. Class Delivers Sweet Messages

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Students in the M.O.R.E. (Merrick Offers Rewarding Experiences) Entrepreneur class, who operate The Barn at Merrick Avenue Middle School, were hard at work this Halloween season.

The M.O.R.E. program prepares students for the transition to high school and beyond. The program offers intensive academics in the four core subjects and literacy. The students also have the opportunity to work in a retail setting, The Barn, to develop financial aptitude, organization, responsibility and social skills.  
The program’s Trick-or-Treat Give Something Sweet candy gram had the school a buzz as more than 1,000 candy grams were sold. Students from The Barn made sales, packaged the candy and attached student messages for delivery.

Merrick Avenue students were able to purchase a candy gram for a friend and have it delivered directly to them. On Halloween, The Barn delivered all candy grams during ninth period for the first trick-or-treat candy of the day. Students at Merrick Avenue were able to connect with friends while helping support another Barn business venture.