Calhoun’s Breakfast Club Hosts Halloween Bash

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Calhoun High School Breakfast Club’s Halloween Bash on Oct. 30 was a monster smash. 

This Breakfast Club mentors students from the district’s Prep for Life program and participates in fun, exciting activities each Monday. 

“At the Halloween party, students painted pumpkins, which were then submitted to the school’s literary pumpkin contest in the library,” said club advisor and teacher Wendy Simpson. “Students also competed in a mummy wrapping. Students were wrapped in toilet paper to look like a mummy.”

Senior board advisers Lily Salmeron and Emily Haldas, who have been a part of this club for the past four years, said they were happy with the turnout.

“It's really great to see so many people come to hang out before and after school,” said Salmeron. 

“We always have such positive attitudes and that really makes the club special,” added Haldas.
This Halloween bash is one of the many events that the club plans to host this year.