International Buddy Club at Calhoun High School Celebrates Diversity and World Culture

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English Language Learners and the International Buddy Club transformed Calhoun’s faculty room into "YOUTOPIA" for this year's International Luncheon, an annual event with a changing theme which celebrates the rich diversity of the Bellmore-Merrick community. The event began with a student-prepared video montage of troubles of the world from the students' perspective, inciting guests to reflect on what they would wish to change about their world. This set the scene for a moment of reflection and gratefulness prior to the enjoyment of the bounty of foods from across the globe donated by families and staff members. ENL teacher and International Buddy Club advisor Ms. Heather Glick and fellow ENL teacher Ms. Mae Angeles worked together with students to organize and create decorations and a festive atmosphere of inclusion and cultural awareness. The event had special visitors, including middle school students from Grand Avenue and Merrick Avenue, as well as Calhoun’s very own past and present students. Everyone relished in the enjoyment of the wonderful food as well as the atmosphere of acceptance and tolerance for our immigrant community. “This is a very special day for our students and for Calhoun High School”, said Enrique Montes, ENL Department Chair, “they get to proudly display their cultural heritage while sending a message of inclusion and tolerance.”