VIDEO: Full STEAM Ahead at Grand Avenue’s Art Show

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In addition to the hundreds of pieces of talented student artwork on displayed during Grand Avenue Middle School Art Show on May 17, the Art and Robotics clubs collaborated to present an interactive musical drawing.

“Musical drawings are playable graphic scores that can be touched to play melodies and harmonies,” explained Michelle Biancardo, a technology teacher and the Robotics Club adviser. 

Graphite pencil acts a conductor of electricity, using the observer as the ground and connection of the music to the artwork itself. 

The code, written by seventh-grader Massimo Marino, is the orchestrator of the experience. He used programs such as Scratch and Makey Makey to create the program. A coding enthusiast, Marino used what he learned in Biancardo’s class and on his own to create this masterpiece. The project took more than two day to finish.  

“Once completed, it’s interesting to see all of these things working together to create this,” Marino said.
Art Club advisers Nicholas Giordano and Barbara Hirten worked with the students to create a drawing that could be "played " through the use of technology. 

“It is an incredible example of STEAM in action,” said Giordano. “They combine visual composition, coding and electronics as well as movement and sound, creating an interactive audiovisual experience.”