Calhoun Colts Celebrate ‘Colture Day’

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The International Buddy Club hosted its first ever “Colture Day” at Sanford H. Calhoun High School to celebrate with pride the school’s cultural diversity. 

Visitors collected stamps for their passports as they traveled to different stations, answering trivia questions, participating in cultural games, savoring international delicacies, and dancing to world music. 

IBC members, including first and second generation immigrants and students of color, spoke to the crowd and described personal experiences with immigration, racism, and discrimination, all with a positive message to promote change and equality for the future. 

The event was organized by ENL teacher and International Buddy Club advisor, Heather Glick, together with the collaboration of the Japanese Culture Club, Advanced Science Research, Model United Nations, as well as classes such as Drawing & Painting, AP Photography, AP Calculus BC, AP English, AP French, AP Italian, AP Spanish, Mandarin, Health, and Voices of the Past. Special visitors included middle school students from the English as a New Language (ENL) program at Grand Avenue and Merrick Avenue, as well as Calhoun’s present students and graduates of ENL/IBC. 

“This was a special day for all as students and staff proudly displayed their cultural heritage while sending a message of inclusion and tolerance,” explained Enrique Montes, a World Languages Chairperson.