Merrick Avenue Eighth Graders Graduate

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Merrick Avenue Middle School was decked out in fanfare for its eighth grade moving up ceremonies held on June 14.

Principal Dr. Taryn Johnson told students two years was not enough for her to spend as an educator and mentor.

“I ask you to quantify the two years in terms of friendships, arguments, happiness, surprises and disappointments,” she said. “Then I ask you to understand that time is fleeting and pause to put time into perspective. You will learn and live every moment. You will nurture in every single moment you have with each other.”

The school’s vocal group, Word of Mouth, sang a moving rendition of “Lullabye,” led by director Dana Brandwein.
Kennedy High School senior Samuel Moskowitz addressed the graduates.

“Take chances, make mistakes and get messy,” he offered to the graduates, quoting a famed character from television’s “The Magic School Bus.” “In each opportunity when I feared I would fall flat on my face, the support from teachers and friends always cleared my mind.”

Mariel Pusateri, a student speaker for Team Six was grateful toward teachers who pushed core values of trust and perseverance. 

“Thank you for being a great group of teachers that have made it very easy to trust you,” she recalled. “Everything you taught us was to benefit us.”