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Bellmore-Merrick Hosts Cosmetology Program Showcase

Cosmetology students pose with training head mannequins. thumbnail208812
Students man the salon concierge table. thumbnail208813
A cosmetology student provides a manicure. thumbnail208814
A cosmetology student provides a hair styling. thumbnail208815
A cosmetology student provides a brow shaping. thumbnail208816
A cosmetology student washes hair. thumbnail208817
A cosmetology student applies eyeliner. thumbnail208818

Visitors were invited to observe and received salon-level services performed by Cosmetology students in the Central High School District.

Housed at Calhoun High School, the program is offered to students in all high schools, the Cosmetology classroom is a full functioning salon where the students develop the skills necessary to begin their careers in the beauty industry upon graduation.

Students are being trained in hair cutting, coloring, styling and removal, makeup artistry, nails and more.

Highlights include utilizing curriculum to learn fundamentals and prepare for New York State Licensing Exam, partnering with local salons to learn most up to date and current trends in beauty enhancement and having local salon professionals serve as mentors and provide internship opportunities. The second-floor facility was modified to create a revitalized and modern working salon on campus. A New York State Board Practical Exam will also be offered on site.

The program is overseen by Assistant Principal Mark Melkonian and instructor Jaime Pendl.

“Cosmetology students will have personalized instruction and hands-on learning,” explained Melkonian. “They will learn state of the art trends in styling, hair coloring, nail enhancement, and skin care, and have the opportunity to turn their passion into a lifelong career.”

“One of the most rewarding things as a secondary school teacher is empowering your students with the skills and ability to support themselves after graduation,” added Pendl. “Our continual in-class practice and partnerships with local businesses are enabling these students to start preparing for a successful career while still in high school. I could not be more proud of these students on their work and professionalism at our first community showcase.”

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