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Merrick Avenue Marks Moving Up Ceremonies

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In an outdoor ceremony marked with pomp, circumstance, balloon arches and other fanfare, the Merrick Avenue Middle School Class of 2022 celebrated moving up on June 10 with two ceremonies. 

Principal Katelyn Dunn spoke how “the more difficult days” of the pandemic learning “have given us a greater appreciation of the good ones.” 

“Being home in the spring of your sixth-grade year gave you a greater appreciation of being present at school these last two years,” she continued. “You are the motivation that keeps us going. You continuously help us to see the good and remind us of our purpose as educators.” 

Alexa Addonizio, a student speaker from team 5, said that these last two years have helped her and classmates learn to work together and overcome the challenges they have faced. 

“The MAMS community and environment quickly made us feel at home,” she added. “And that’s what our school is — our home.” 

Guest speaker, Isabella Mandel, a Kennedy High School senior and older sibling of a MAMS Class of 2022 graduate, offered insight into the next chapter. 

“Get involved because every single aspect you loved about MAMS is expanded in high school,” she said. “Take advantage of it. If you want to join a club – do it. If you want to create a club – do it. Go on the field trips, to the sports games and school dances. Embrace all of your school traditions. Do it all and go all out.” 

Date Added: 6/10/2022

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