GAMS, MAMS Spelling Bee Winners Advance

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Grand Avenue and Merrick Avenue Middle Schools schoolwide Scripps Spelling Bees during the second week in January.

The top three Grand Avenue winners were eighth grader, Sean Domiano (3rd) from Ms. Zambori’s class, seventh grader, Daniel Fu (2nd) from Mr. Arresto’s class, and seventh grader, Ava Andrews (1st) from Ms. Foster’s class who became the champ by spelling “ichnology” correctly in the 10th round.

The top three MAMS winners were seventh grader Brayden Fertel (3rd) from Mr. Dlogozima’s class, eighth grader (2nd) Soul Brar from Ms.Richemond’s class, and seventh grader Marcus Cilibrasi (1st) also from Mr. Dlugozima’s class who became the champ after an astounding 23 rounds by spelling “retinitis pigmentosa” correctly.

Andrews, Fu, Cilibrasi, and Brar will move on to the next step of the competition where they will try to qualify for the regionals at Half Hollow Hills East on March 21.


Date Added: 1/11/2024