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District ESY Program - Presentation from 6/25/2020

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Prep Academy - Coming Fall 2020!

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COVID  19 information for parents

The letter below was sent out to families on 3/31/2020:

Dear Families,


We are all on a very interesting journey together.  This unique situation that has caused us to close schools (now officially closed until 4/20/20), and has forced us all to become more tech savvy, may be very difficult for your child with a disability.  Students with learning disabilities may be struggling with the amount of reading and writing required in this format.  Students who have difficulty with focus and organization, May have some difficulty with task completion and staying organized.  Students with more intensive support needs and developmental disabilities who have to adjust to a completely new schedule, may be having behavioral difficulties at home.  I feel your pain.  This is not easy for any of us, but it may be particularly difficult for students with disabilities.


By now, you should have made contact with your child’s special education and related services providers.  Students should rely on their Special education team as support to tackle the aforementioned difficulties.  This could occur through email, a digital platform like Google Classroom, videoconference or phone.  Please do not wait for your child to reach a point of frustration to access support from the team.  Students with speech services can also utilize support from their speech teachers.  Students receiving parent training, behavior intervention, physical therapy and/or occupation therapy should have been contacted by the providers already with offers to set up virtual or face to face appointments.  Please email your building Chairperson for Special Education if you need assistance accessing any of the above services.


There is a remote learning schedule that will be coming out, providing times that teachers will be available live online for teaching and help.  Special education and related services are not on that schedule.  Special education teachers and providers will be trying to work around times during the day that would adversely impact your child if missed.  It will likely not be perfect, so please be flexible if your child’s special education service conflicts with another subject.  Students enrolled in the MORE and COORE Programs will be working more directly with the teachers and providers to set up schedules, and will likely not be using the general remote schedule.  Students in the Prep Program will utilize the schedule with some adjustments.


In this time of national crisis, please stay safe!  Remember, if you or your child need help, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  Here are the email contacts for the Chairperson in each building:

Calhoun:  Theresa Catalina ([email protected]); Sheila Mullin ([email protected])

JFK:  John Jimenez  ([email protected])

Mepham:  Theresa Dell'olio ([email protected])

Grand:  Maura Kempton  ([email protected])

MAMS:  Eric Arlin- Mr. Gioia accepted a job in another district- ([email protected])

MAP:  Dr. Joseph Netto  ([email protected])

Out-of-District Placements:  Emily Paluseo  ([email protected])

District Forms:



Transition Resources developed by Bellmore-Merrick:

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