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First Week Back Goes Smoothly at Schools


Last week, the school district welcomed students back into its buildings after a summer break that didn’t seem to want to end.

Despite the hot weather, students from Grand Avenue to Mepham hit the books for another successful school year.

At Calhoun, students in Joan Gonzalez’s drawing and painting class beat the heat with a little outdoor time, working on still-life sketches in the open-air quad. New Principal Nicole Hollings walked the hallways welcoming back students and redirecting traffic under new security measures.

“Mepham had a fantastic start to the new school year!” said Principal Michael Harrington. “The hallways were quiet, the classrooms were active, and the energy that arrived with the students after a long summer is a reminder of how fortunate I am to be a part of our school community.”

At JFK, physics students in Cara Prinzevalli’s class eased into the new year taking circumference measurements in a group lab assignment, while young artists in Mark Booth and Vanessa Albaneze’s studio art class critiqued student work in a guided conversation about aesthetics. Social Studies teacher Dennis Urban guided his students through the school’s new Wi-Fi infrastructure by setting them up with Google accounts. Principal Lorraine Poppe said that while it may have felt like summer outside, students adapted without a hitch to the regiments of a school schedule.

At Grand Avenue Middle School, Principal Carlo Conte said incoming seventh-graders are almost completely acclimated to their new surroundings and routines. He described the transition from summer to school “magical.”

“The kids came in excited with smiles that lit up the building,” Conte said. “As I walked through the hallways and listened to conversations taking place between children and adults, I was blown away. The assistance and team mentality of our clerical and support staff on these first few days helping our kids is overwhelming.”

Merrick Avenue also kicked off a successful week transitioning into the new year. In Patrick Fallon’s eighth-grade English class, students began to work on developing a thesis, while social studies students in Christine Mahoney’s seventh-grade class cracked the textbooks in preparation for the new year. Assistant Principal John Gibilaro said the week went off smoothly for the administrative team, containing new members: Principal Taryn Johnson and Assistant Principal Richard Aceste.

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Orientations Ring In the New School Year

Bellmore-Merrick held its student orientations at all five schools over a two-day period on Aug. 26-27.

At Grand Avenue, Principal Carlo Conte reassured parents of the incoming seventh-graders while assistant principals James Mollica and Andrew Del Rosario welcomed the students in the school’s gymnasium.

Eighth-grade volunteers dressed in orange shirts helped lead the incoming students through the process, taking them on a tour to their homeroom class and handing out their locker number and combination. Merrick Avenue held a similar orientation as its new principal Taryn Johnson greeted the seventh-grade class at the doors. Homeroom teachers were also on hand to field questions and help reassure nervous students.

At Mepham, Principal Michael Harrington addressed the incoming freshman class of 2018, urging them to get involved in clubs and activities and reminding them how fast the time will go by. The students then broke off into separate tour groups led by senior guides who took them on a tour of the entire building. The freshman then broke off to locate their lockers and try their combinations.

Similar orientations were held at Kennedy, where the freshman class heard from Principal Lorraine Poppe, assistant principals, student leaders, and coaches before breaking into tour groups and small discussion groups led by members of the National Honor Society. They also had their ID photos taken before being given free reign to find the classrooms on their schedule.

At Calhoun, the future Class of 2018 rotated among five stations. New Principal Nicole Hollings manned the first station, welcoming students, while Assistant Principal Eric Gomez manned the second station with student leaders to discuss the Dignity Act. A third station involved a tour of the building. The fourth technology station allowed students access to the wireless network to set up EdModo accounts, and the fifth station took student ID photos and hosted a club and activities fair.

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