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STUDIO LUNCH – Frequently Asked Questions

How does Studio Lunch work?

Students enrolled in Studio Lunch will report to their assigned art classroom at the beginning of freshman lunch instead of the cafeteria.  In this “lunch and learn” setting, they will work on their art work as they would in a traditional Studio in Art class while having time to eat.


Does the course meet every day?

Yes.  This is scheduled to mimic a traditional Studio in Art course which meets every day.


Is there a grade for Studio Lunch?

Studio Lunch is a pass/fail course.  Students will not receive a numeric grade and therefore it will not be factored into their HS GPA.


Will students have time to eat?

Definitely! We have specifically designed the course in order for students to balance the pacing of their work while eating.  This is similar to a lab lunch or any other situation where students give up their lunch to participate in a class.  The teachers recognize that this is the students’ only opportunity to eat lunch and therefore will structure the class and activities accordingly.


Does this course meet the NYS Graduation Arts requirement?

Since Studio Lunch is designed as a pass/fail course it does NOT meet the NYS Arts Graduation requirement, nor does it meet the foundations art requirement for a three or five year sequence.  Students will meet their NYS graduation requirement for Fine & Performing Arts through their graded music course.


Will taking Studio Lunch count as a prerequisite for 10th grade course offerings?

Yes.  Students who successfully complete a year of Studio Lunch will be allowed to continue into the next step of our Art program (Draw Paint 1, Sculpture 1, Photography 1, and/or Creative Suite 1).


Can a student take two music courses instead music and Studio Lunch?

Unfortunately, no.  Due to scheduling restraints, at this time the only dual option is for music and art.


If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact our District Art & Music office:

Ms. Cheryl Fontana, Director of the Fine & Performing Arts

(516) 992-1044

[email protected]




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