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    Advisor:           Ms. K. Andree & Ms. L. Hughes
    Day / Time:       Thursday / 2:45pm
    Location:          Virtually                               

    The Animal Advocates club gathers to educate the public on issues concerning animal cruelty and raise awareness on the statistics behind the rescue of animals. The Animal Advocates club meets weekly and hosts fundraisers for needy rescues, supports wildlife programs, and volunteers at local shelters.

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    Advisor:           Ms. J. Conte & Ms. C. Roche
    Day / Time:       Thursday / 2:30pm
    Location:          Virtually / 205                         

    This club is for students who have a serious interest in art so they can create and discuss art.  Students work collaboratively to design and make art in a variety of media, and there is a community service and fundraising component. 

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    Advisor:           Ms. C. Conroy-Silverman & Ms. C. DeFilippo
    Day / Time:       TBA
    Location:          TBD

    AHA is a club that promotes sports and avoiding destructive decisions related to alcohol and drugs.  Members visit elementary schools and promote sportsmanship, civility and staying involved in sports. Students apply for acceptance into this organization and must sign a contract to be drug and alcohol free.

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    Advisor:           Ms. L. Schiavetta
    Day / Time:       As Needed / 2:45pm
    Location:          Auditorium

    Students interested in choreography must audition by performing a short dance routine.  Selected students will assist in the choreography for the spring musical. 

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    Advisor:           Mr. B. Seidman & Dr. D. Urban
    Day / Time:       Thursday / 2:45pm
    Location:          Room 209

    The Cougar Crier is Kennedy’s student-run newspaper.  We focus on both school and local events, as well as some national coverage.  We are looking for new writers, photographers, and layout specialists.

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    Advisor:           Mr. M. DiGiovanni & Ms. M. Ober
    Day / Time:       As Needed
    Location:          Rm. 137

    Student members of this food service society will prep, cater, and serve food to guests at various school functions and community service events.  Students who wish to join the club must be enrolled in Bellmore-Merrick CHAMP.  Most gatherings and events will occur after school; therefore, members are often expected to work into the evening.

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    Advisor:           Ms. F. Fiorentino
    Day / Time:       Monday / 2:45pm
    Location:          Virtually

    The Culture Club is designed for students of different backgrounds to come together and celebrate their cultural differences.  We hope to promote learning through various fundraisers and events.

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    Advisor:           Dr. M. Netto
    Day / Time:       Tuesday / 2:45pm
    Location:          Virtually

    Members of this club are given the opportunity to debate and discuss political topics in pairs.  Members will be assigned an affirmative or negative stance on a social, political, or economic issue and will be tasked with making a convincing argument for their stance.  Members will learn to improve their debating and public speaking skills.

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    Advisor:           Mr. B. Seidman
    Day / Time:       Daily (Sept. – March) / 2:45pm
    Location:          Courtyard / Auditorium

    Drama invites students to audition for the fall drama production and/or spring musical.  Students are given the opportunity to act, develop their artistic talents, and help out back stage.  Auditions are in the fall and spring.  

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    Advisor:           Ms. L. Scherer
    Day / Time:       Wednesday / 2:45pm
    Location:          Room 227

    This is the governing body for the Freshman Class.  This year, elections will take place in October.  All freshmen are welcome to become part of class activities. 

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    Advisor:           Ms. R. Zocchia
    Day / Time:       1st Monday of the Month / Alternate Wednesdays (Stock Market Game / Committee Meeting) / 2:45pm
    Location:          Virtually

    FBLA’s goals are to develop business knowledge and leadership and to assist students in the establishment of educational goals.  The club participates in both local and state competitions in law, accounting, marketing, etc.  Additional activities include fundraising, community service, and field trips to various businesses, such as hotels and magazine publishers.  The club also learns about and participates in the stock market.

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    Advisor:           Mr. B. Reed
    Day / Time:       Friday / 2:45pm
    Location:          Virtually / Rm. 238

    The mission of the GSA is to create a school environment in which all students feel safe, supported, and respected regardless of their views, beliefs, religion, ethnic background, sexual orientation, and/or gender identity/expression. Our goal is to promote the acceptance of members of the LGBTQ community at Kennedy High School by increasing awareness and educating the school community about the issues faced by LGBTQ teens.

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    Advisor:           Ms. B. Norris & Ms. D. Sullivan
    Day / Time:       Thursdays / 2:45pm
    Location:          Virtually / Rm. 302

    HOPE club is an active group of students seeking to raise awareness and knowledge about environmental issues.  Students work around Kennedy H.S. and the community to recycle and improve the quality of our planet earth through clean-ups and educational outreach. Recently, the club has expanded its efforts with the Animal Advocates Committee.

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    Advisor:           Mr. W. Avellaneda
    Day / Time:       Friday / 2:45pm
    Location:          Rm. 145

    The Kennedy jazz ensemble is an instrumental jazz ensemble that musically covers all styles of jazz music from Duke Ellington to the present day jazz scene.  We also delve into jazz improvisation, theory, and history.  It is a group that performs at various functions through the year.

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    Advisor:           Ms. K. Faulkner
    Day / Time:       Alternate Thursdays / 2:45pm
    Location:          Virtually / Rm. 234

    The Junior Class is involved in fundraisers and community service efforts.  The class also participates in major school-wide activities such as homecoming and spirit week.

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    Advisor:           Ms. J. Chilton
    Day / Time:       Monday (1st of the month) / 2:45pm
    Location:         Virtually

    This club is an excellent community service organization and is a youth sub-division of the Kiwanis Club.  Our activities include raising money for various charities and providing service to our school and community.  Students may also attend a State Convention.
    Key Club Website

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    Advisor:           Ms. V. DiGennaro
    Day / Time:       Wednesday / 2:45pm
    Location:          Rm. 219

    Magnum Opus is the school’s literary magazine.  Students contribute poetry, short fiction, essays, as well as photography and art for publication.  Our club will also sponsor poetry readings, in which students can read their own work or well-known favorites.  The magazine provides a unique forum for self-expression.

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    Advisor:           Mr. A. Ma
    Day / Time:       Monday and Tuesdays as needed / 2:45pm
    Location:          Virtually / Rm. 324

    The Math Team participates in one competition a month.  During meetings, the team practices sample problems in preparation for the meets.  Students of all ability levels are welcome.

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    Advisor:           Mr. G. Gerakinis
    Day / Time:       Wednesday / 2:45pm
    Location:          S. Cafe

    Members experience a courtroom trial by participating in one, taking roles as lawyers, witnesses, plaintiffs and defendants by preparing for a trial competition.  A select group conducts the case against other Nassau County schools.

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    Advisor:           Mr. M. Keele & Ms. M. Ober
    Day / Time:       As Needed / 2:45pm
    Location:          TBD

    Members must apply for admission and excel in academics, leadership, character and service. The club is involved in community service, with major activities include tutoring and assistance at school functions.

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    Advisor:           Mr. G. Owenburg
    Day / Time:       Alternate Thursdays / 2:45pm
    Location:          GI room

    One World aims at creating one harmonized union between the special needs and mainstream populations through volunteer service, fundraising and peer education.  The club strives to create a forever bridge between the Kennedy and BOCES student bodies – we are one.  After all, One World prides, “The strongest force is the power of togetherness.”

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    Advisor:           Ms. D. Ocampo / Mr. Schleith
    Day / Time:       Thursday / 2:45pm
    Location:          Virtually / Innovation Lab, Rm. 200

    The Robotics Club is specifically for students with an interest in learning how to build, program and compete with robots. The build platform utilizes Vex EDR with programming in C ++. No experience is necessary. Just come with a desire to learn.

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    Advisor:           Ms. K. Speiss
    Day / Time:       Monday / 2:45pm
    Location:          Rm. 126

    Students Against Destructive Decisions encourages and sponsors positive attitudes and activities concerning responsible drinking, and driving decisions, community service activities, and school programs.

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    Advisor:           Mr. R. Lella & Mr. H. Schleith
    Day / Time:       Friday / 2:30pm
    Location:          Rm. 331

    This club prepares students to enter various science competitions, such as the National Science Olympiad and National Science Bowl.  Students with an interest in engineering, robotics, and/or model airplane design are encouraged to participate.  Strong performance in science class is helpful, but not required.

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    Advisor:           Ms. E. Coman & Ms. M. Longo
    Day / Time:       Thursday / 2:45pm
    Location:          Rm. 230

    This organization is involved in fundraisers and community service efforts. Students also participate in major school-wide activities such as homecoming and spirit week.

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    Advisor:           Mrs. Oliveri
    Day / Time:       Thursday / 2:45pm
    Location:          Rm. 325

    We partner with organizations to help build and sustain schools around the world in order to make education available to as many children as possible.

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    Advisor:           Ms. L. Rojas
    Day / Time:       Thursday / 2:45pm
    Location:          Virtually

    The Sophomore Class is involved in fundraisers and community service efforts.  The class also participates in major school-wide activities such as homecoming and spirit week.

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    Advisor:           Mr. B. Seidman
    Day / Time:       Monday: Executive Board / Wednesday: Senate / General Assembly / 2:45pm
    Location:          Rm. 329
    As “the voice of the student body,” members consist of students from each grade.  We work together on fundraisers and various activities to raise money for our school as well as many charities.

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    Advisor:           Ms. J. Pincus
    Day / Time:       Wednesday / 2:45pm
    Location:          Rm. 142

    Variety Choir is our school’s most select vocal ensemble.  It performs challenging music in varied styles at multiple functions, including numerous field trips.

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    Advisor:           Mr. J. Dell’Olio
    Day / Time:       Monday, Wednesday & Thursday / 2:45pm
    Location:          Library

    The yearbook records the school year.  Members are involved in writing, copying, layout design, photography, typing, and soliciting advertisements. 

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    Advisor:           Ms. D. Sullivan
    Day / Time:       Wednesday / TBD
    Location:          Virtually

    The mission of the Yoga Club is to foster a community of mindfulness, self-awareness, and a culture of healthy living through the practice of yoga.

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