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Calhoun Cares: Thanksgiving Fundraising Dinner
November 21 at 7PM
$10 per adult and $5 for students and children
All proceeds will benefit families in need within our own community
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Our September Students of the Month are:
Grade 9: Harley Glick
Grade 10: Stephanie Kennely
Grade 11: Erin Metzger
Grade 12: Joanna Marmo
The students were nominated by staff member for their contributions to the Calhoun community.





Call for submissions for the PTA Reflections Contest! The Art Categories are Dance Choreography, Film Production, Music Composition, Photography, Visual Arts, and Literature. Submissions are due by November 7 in the main office

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* Congratulations to Jensen Rosemond in recognition of his being named as an Outstanding Participant in the National Achievement Scholarship Program. Jensen scored in the top 3% of more than 160,000 Black Americans who took the PSAT last October.




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Current News

Colts Gallop to Victory at Homecoming


Sanford H. Calhoun High School held its annual Colt Fest, pep rally and homecoming game on Oct. 24, holding its first-ever night game against Westbury.

Hundreds of Calhoun’s faithful turned out for Colt Fest, which featured live music, raffles, games, face-painting for the coming game and a DJ. Calhoun’s clubs and organizations manned a number of tables, encouraging students to sign up. The tables offered raffles, baked goods and other treats for all in attendance. Fest-goers also got treated to a cotton-candy machine operated by members of the sophomore class.

After Colt Fest, the crowd gravitated to the grandstands to watch the pep rally. Emceed by Calhoun students Nicole Imhof, Jessica Mosca and Jenna Pasternak, the pep rally introduced the members of all the school’s fall and winter sports teams. Each team went to midfield and performed a short, creative dance number as the crowd cheered. The pep rally also featured performances from both the varsity and junior varsity kickline and cheerleading squads.

Afterwards, the Colts took the field and played a tight defensive game against Westbury’s Green Dragons. Calhoun satisfied the crowd with a homecoming victory, defeating Westbury 13-0.

Browse the photo gallery for a look at all the action, from Colt Fest to the big game.

Calhoun Students Learn How to ‘Arrive Alive’

Calhoun High School was the site of an interactive and powerful program designed to discourage kids from making poor decisions behind the wheel.

Titled “Arrive Alive,” the traveling awareness tour is run by UNITE, a health and wellness nonprofit organization aimed at encouraging safety and healthy choices. The organization was brought onto Calhoun’s campus thanks to the Community Parent Center, which runs similar programs in the district throughout the year.

The Arrive Alive Tour features simulated and interactive exercises that encourage students to realize the dangers involved when driving either impaired or distracted. During the all-day event on Oct. 6, students got behind the wheel of an SUV, put on special simulated glasses, and were asked to try and navigate a computer-generated road course. The goggles recreated the experience of driving while drunk at different levels of blood alcohol content. It also simulated unpredictable traffic conditions while students texted or checked in on social media platforms.

In addition to the vehicle simulator, students also rode the “seatbelt convincer,” a vehicle seat complete with a seatbelt that students wore before sliding down an incline at 5-7 mph. The seat stopped abruptly at the collision point, illustrating to students how violent the impact from a five-mile-per-hour collision can be.

Students were also asked to wear goggles that recreate visual impairment from alcohol and do a number of simple activities, such as pedaling a go-kart between cones, stacking cups and walking a straight line marked on the sidewalk.

The Arrive Alive Tour was also carried out with the help of New York State troopers. The students were sent outside to participate during health class. Browse the gallery for photos of the event.

Calhoun Holds School-Bonding Challenge Day

During a three-day series of assemblies, students at Calhoun participated in a team-building and sharing program known as Challenge Day.

Held in the school’s gymnasium, the 10th grade broke into groups to take part in exercises designed to form bonds and encourage students to realize that they are not alone in their problems and that they have the power to be the change in their community. Students begin to realize that in light of others’ circumstances, being caring and empathetic toward one another is better than being judgmental.

The program was run with the help of hosts Shan Baker and Angela Aguilar, two members of the nonprofit organization Challenge Day/Be the Change. Throughout the day, students engaged in personal sharing exercises with teachers and participated in an activity called “Cross the Line,” where they would cross over a line and face their peers whenever they fit into a specific category called out by the event hosts.

“It was transformative and empowering for many students,” said Calhoun Principal Nicole Hollings. “We have gotten great feedback from parents and students about how important it is to continue the program annually.”

“I participated in Challenge Day for the first time and it was definitely successful and educational,” said Assistant Principal Neil Testa. "I did receive some phone calls from parents who wanted to express how impactful the program was for their child.”

Students helped raise funds for Challenge Day by selling “candy grams,” positive and encouraging messages printed on candy wrappers that can be gifted to classmates. Calhoun’s leadership class heads up the fundraising activities for the annual program.

Calhoun Athletes Show Support for Beloved Coach

Members of the Calhoun varsity football team and varsity cheerleading squad took the new turf field on Sept. 27 wearing a very special tribute to a beloved Calhoun teacher recovering from a severe stroke.

In recognition of Stroke Awareness Day at Calhoun, the football players sported red tape on their wrists, while the cheerleaders wore a red ribbon in their hair. The symbols held special significance for former varsity coach and special education teacher Joe Bianca.

On July 26, Bianca suffered a severe stroke and was airlifted to Stony Brook University Medical Center, where he underwent a delicate and dangerous operation to remove the clot from his brain. In what Bianca described as a miracle, the operation was successful and he has been working toward his return to Calhoun ever since.

Bianca was once the head coach of the Colts football program and maintained his ties to the team. Shortly after Calhoun dedicated its turf field with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, Bianca stepped onto the midfield logo and performed the coin toss. Afterward, he walked up and down the sideline, hugging students, reuniting with assistant coaches and telling the team to play with heart.

The team responded with a 34-7 win over Herricks. During that week, Calhoun staff showed support for stroke awareness: tying ribbons and handing out informative cards on how to look out for the signs of an oncoming stroke.

Colts Kick Off Season with New Turf Field

Members of the community, students, faculty and administration gathered to celebrate the completion of Calhoun High School’s newly revamped turf field on Sept. 27.

Prior to the 2 p.m. kickoff of the Colts varsity football game, Calhoun Principal Nicole Hollings was accompanied by School Board President JoAnn DeLauter, Vice President George Haile, trustee Susan Schwartz and newly appointed trustee Wendy Gargiulo. Student representatives from Calhoun’s sports program, the varsity football squad, and members of the cheerleading and kickline squads held the 20-foot silver ribbon on top of the Colts’ logo. DeLauter did the honors, cutting the ribbon in front of the packed stands of Calhoun’s faithful.  

Assistant Superintendent for Instruction David Seinfeld participated in the ceremony as well as Saul Lerner, the district’s director of physical education, athletics, driver education and health. The Colts christened the new field with a 34-7 victory over Herricks.

Browse the photo gallery for a look at the ceremony as well as some game shots.