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To the parent/guardian of students who were scheduled to take the
SAT on Saturday, January 23, 2016:

All three Bellmore-Merrick high schools were scheduled as SAT testing centers this past Saturday. As you know, due to the storm, the exam was canceled. We have been given February 27, 2016 as the make-up date for the exam in each high school. If your child was scheduled to take the exam in one of the Bellmore-Merrick high schools, he/she will automatically be scheduled to take the exam on February 27th in the building they were originally assigned to. However, if your child was scheduled to take the exam in a testing center outside of the district, you will need to check the College Board website for the make-up date.

Thank you.

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Students Selected for Junior Science and Humanities Symposium

Six seniors in the district were recently selected as semifinalists for the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium (JSHS).

Katherine Ratner and Brian Kishinevsky of Calhoun, Sarah Moussavi and Steven Obadiah of Kennedy, and Sara Shamenek and Sarah Schneider of Mepham all Advanced Science Research (ASR) students, will advance to the final round and present their research on Feb. 7.

Katherine’s topic is “Power Dissipation of Tropical Cyclones in the Atlantic Basin by Sub-Region of Origin.”

“After watching the results of Hurricane Sandy, which was only a tropical storm when it made landfall in the northeast, I began to wonder if the current rating for hurricanes was enough to predict the potential damage a storm could cause,” she said.

Katherine plans to major in Atmospheric Sciences at Cornell University in the fall.

“Because of ASR I have experience in the field I plan to spend my life working in, and confirmation that I want to pursue research,” Katherine added.
Brian’s topic is “Orbits of Curves on a 4 Holed Sphere.”

“I chose to research mathematics because math is fun,” he said. “Through my three years in the ASR program, I learned what science research really means: the hard work, the discussion of ideas and much paperwork.”

Sarah Moussavi’s topic is “Metacognition and Confidence in a Perceptual Decision-Making Task.”

Sarah’s research at an oncological science lab over the summer intrigued her to find out how confident people feel about their decision, and she “investigated deeper to see if her subjects were aware of their own uncertainty.”
Steven’s topic is “The Manipulation of Microfilaments and Microtubules during Cotton Fiber Initiation.”

Sara Shamenek, a senior at Mepham, conducted research on Correlates of Adolescent BMI and High School Cafeteria Usage.

Sarah Schneider, a senior at Mepham, conducted research on Toward Biofuel Production: Augmentation of Acid Biosynthesis in Transgenic Chlamydomonas reinhardii under Conditions of Nitrogen Deprivation.

JSHS is designed to challenge and engage students (Grades 9-12) in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM). Individual students compete for scholarships and recognition by presenting the results of their original research efforts before a panel of judges and an audience of their peers.

Calhoun Inducts 33 Students into Art Honor Society

The National Art Honor Society Induction for Calhoun was held on Feb.11. Thirty-three new inductees attended a ceremony that celebrated the impact art has on our lives.

“It was a lovely night to celebrate our best and brightest artists,” added Principal Nicole Hollings.

Cheryl Fontana, director of Fine & Performing Arts and Adult Education, spoke of her connection to Calhoun arts and how her experience in the high school led her to her current career.

“An induction into the National Art Honor Society is something that you should be incredibly proud of as it truly demonstrates your passion and commitment to art,” said Fontana.

She said it all came down to five basic lessons for her: “celebrate different perspectives, realize the impact of subtle changes, understand the value of criticism, appreciate what surrounds you and finally don’t be afraid to take risks.”

Kennedy, Calhoun Medal at Science Olympiad

Several of the district’s high school Science Olympiad teams competed in the Nassau East Regional Science Olympiad in late January.  
Kennedy placed seventh out of 44 teams.

“The outstanding results, listed below, show the teams’ diversity of talents across a wide range of scientific disciplines; and, is a reflection of the months of study and preparation our Science Club kids and their coaches invest leading up to the regional event,” said Robert Soel, Kennedy’s science chairperson.

Michael Molzon and Ryan Biggs, sixth-place medal, Air Trajectory; Alyssia Kazan and Joe Sirabella, first-place medal, Wind Power; Michael Molzon and James Giammetta, second-place medal, Wind Power; Rachel Mashal and Vladimir Mazur, second-place medal, Cell Biology; Colby Germann and Evan Rothchild, eighth-place medal, Cell Biology; Whitney Sussman and Faith Fernandez, seventh-place medal, Geologic Mapping; Anna Kuznetsova and Michael Sternbach, eighth-place medal, Disease Detectives; Evan Rothchild, Colby Germann and Alyssia Kazan, eighth-place medal, Experimental Design; Rachel Mashal and James Giammetta, first-place medal, Forensic Science; Ryan Biggs and Skylar Hasseck, 10th place medal, Astronomy; David Mehani and Alyssia Kazan, third-place medal, Chemistry Lab; Michael Sternbach and Anna Kuznetsova, sixth-place medal, Chemistry Lab; Ryan Biggs and James Giammetta, sixth-place medal, Dynamic Planet; Michael Molzon and Eric McGarry, 10th-place medal, Optics; Eric McGarry and Richard Brea, fourth-place medal, It’s About Time; Skylar Hasseck and James Hayes, ninth-place medal, Remote Sensing; Eric McGarry and James Hayes, seventh-place medal, Fossils; Hanna Choset, Vladimir Mazur and Anna Kuznetsova, 10th-place medal, Protein Modeling.

The Calhoun Science Olympiad team won six times and were given the Spirit Award.

Medal earners included: Haley Ryan and Amanda Welk in Write it Do it; Brandon Lax and Chris Reyes in Game On; Haley Ryan and Chris Reyes in Remote Sensing; Zach Neiger and Ben Libov in Electric Vehicle; Juliana Welk and Katherine Ryan in Write it Do it; and Ayana Oancea and Lauren Jones in Fossils.

Calhoun also had three partnerships, one place from medal contention.
Fifteen students will represent the district at the state competition on March 12.

Nine Students Advance at LISEF

Nine Advance Science Research students in the district have advanced to round two of the Long Island Science and Engineering Fair (LISEF).

From Kennedy: Rachel Mashal, a senior whose research was completed at Long Island University Post, studied Development of a Caffeine Addiction Paradigm to Examine How Dietary Restriction and Level of TOR Signaling Modulate the Effects of Drugs; Anna Kuznetsova, a senior whose research was completed at the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, studied Bringing Bacteria Back to Life: Are Probiotic Bacteria in Human Milk Dormant or Dead After Freezer Storage?; Steven Obadiah, a senior whose research was completed at Hofstra University, studied The Manipulation of Microfilaments and Microtubules during Cotton Fiber Initiation; and Claire Kelly, a junior whose research was completed at the University of Chicago, studied Impulsivity as a Predictor for Enhanced Attention Towards Novel Drug-Paired Stimuli.

Four students from Calhoun also moved on to round two: senior Katherine Ratner, whose research topic is Power Dissipation of Tropical Cyclones in the Atlantic Basin by Sub-Region of Origin; senior Brian Kishinevsky, whose research topic is Orbits of Curves on a 4 Holed Sphere; senior Louis Lin, whose research topic is The Interactions of p53 and Mannose in Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation Using a Zebrafish Model; and senior Jacob Miller, whose research topic is SNP of DPP4 as Probable Cause of BCM7 Intolerance in Children with ASDs.

From Mepham: senior Ben Honigsfeld advanced to the next round. He completed his research at Molloy College on the topic Loss of GSK3-B by Lithium Chloride Induces Chemotherapeutic Resistance in Ovarian Cancer.

The next round of LISEF will be March 10. First place winners at round two will advance to the INTEL International Science and Engineering Fair this May in Phoenix, Arizona.  

The Charles Duggan Long Island Science and Engineering Fair (LISEF) is a competition for the most advanced high school projects; the participants in this fair have a chance to present to professionals in their subject areas from local universities, scientific institutions and professionals in the field. Presently, this fair is held over two days. First place finalists in round two advance to the International Science and Engineering Fair.

Calhoun Senior Performs CPR During Hockey Game

While attending an ice hockey tournament on Lake Placid in late January, Calhoun senior Austin McLoughlin sprung into action after a player was struck in the head and began having a seizure on the ice.

“He actually excused an individual that was inappropriately administering CPR and took charge over the situation,” explained physical education teacher James Raucci. “He administered chest compressions after checking vitals, and when no heartbeat was present, he continued CPR.”

Austin was able to establish a heart rate and moved the man into the recovery position. The first responders arrived and took over from that point as Austin said he quietly walked away.

"The most important thing is that we are teaching the students the right way to do this," said Eric Caballero, director of Physical Education, Athletics, Driver’s Education & Health.

“Austin attributes his swift course of action to the training he has received through physical education,” said Raucci.

“We are proud of Austin and thankful he and others have benefited from the January First Aid and CPR course,” added Calhoun Principal Nicole Hollings.
This course, which has been administered throughout the Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District for the past few years, is financially funded by Forever 9 - The Robbie Levine Foundation.

Founded in 2005 in memory of 9-year-old Robbie Levine of Merrick, who died of sudden cardiac arrest at his little league practice, the foundation raises awareness of the need for AEDs in youth sports.

While it is a new New York State Education Department mandate that high schools expose their students to AED training and hands-on CPR administration, the district has been implementing this over the past three years.

“It started as a pilot program at Merrick Avenue Middle School when my son was attending the school and then over the years we added it to more buildings,” said Jill Levine, founder of The Robbie Levine Foundation.

Incorporated as a two-week course during the physical education curriculum, The Levine Foundation also awards students a certificate of completion.

“We are proud of Austin and thankful he and others have benefited from the January First Aid and CPR course,” Hollings added.