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CHS Clubs 2019-2020


ART CLUB: Mr. M. Goldberg, Advisor
Meeting Day: Wednesday (unless alternate day is announced), Time: 2:35, Location: B174

The art club gives all students a chance to have an experience in the visual arts, whether or not they are a current art student. The club is largely focused on group challenges and experiences. No art experience is necessary to join. 

ATHLETES HELPING ATHLETES: Ms. Riddiough & Mr. Muscarella, Advisors

Meeting Day/Time/Location: As announced

Athletes Helping Athletes is a student leadership program for students who are drug and alcohol free. It is a club that promotes involvement in positive activities such as sports and clubs to prevent drug and alcohol use. Students in the club serve as positive role models for younger students by going to the elementary schools of North Merrick and speaking to them about these issues as well as preparing them for the middle schools. Students in this club also attend several training sessions at Molloy University to prepare them for delivering positive and instructional messages about high school to elementary school students. 

THE BREAKFAST CLUB: Ms. Sacco, Advisor

Meeting Day: Monday, Time: 2:35, Location: East Cafeteria

The Breakfast Club is a fun and diverse club without labels that has formed with the mission of promoting positive face-to-face interactions without pre-judgment. We bring diversity together as we discuss positive impacts we can have on society. 

CHAMBER ORCHESTRA: Ms. Kelly Flynn, Advisor

Meeting Day: Tuesday, Time: 7:00-9:00 PM, Location: TBA

COMPUTER CLUB: Dr. D. Goldberg, Advisor

Meeting Day: Thursday, Time: 2:35, Location: 102

The Computer Club is an organization for any student interested in computers, digital applications, web building and design, and technology in general. We meet about once a week to work on various projects in all of those categories.

DECA: Mr. Palazzo, Ms. Scelfo, Advisors

Meeting Day: Every other Wednesday, Time: 2:35, Location: B176

Calhoun DECA is a student organization whose program of leadership and personal development is designed specifically for students interested in marketing, management and entrepreneurship. The goals of DECA are to promote leadership development, civic consciousness, social intelligence and vocational understanding.


Meeting Day: Thursday, October-May, Time: 2:35, Location: East Cafeteria

Express Yourself is a partnership of the On Tour Company students and the Prep for Life students. The On Tour Drama students are mentors who empower students with special needs to sing, act, and dance. The main goal of the club is to promote social skills, build friendships and gain confidence. The club runs from October to May. Performances are held during the Calhoun Thanksgiving Community Dinner, SEPTA Transition Night, and in the Spring for peers, teachers and family to enjoy!

FRESHMAN CLASS:  Ms. Jacovina, Advisor

Meeting Day: Friday, Time: 2:30, Location: 312

The Freshman Class and its officers are responsible for making decisions on behalf of the entire class, fundraising money, and planning events. All freshmen are welcome. Come out and support your class.


Meeting Day: Thursday, Time: 2:35, Location: 218

The Gender Equality Club is trying to change the way the Calhoun community perceives the word feminism. Now in its second year, We discuss a broad range of topics, such as women in government, body image, the wage gap, abortion, sexual harassment, maternity and paternity leave, the effect of the media, and the stigma of male rape victims. Our club title, gender equality, was additionally chosen to eliminate the association of 'man hating' with open discussions about pressing societal and political topics.

We are planning to participate in fund raising and donate to organizations that help both men and women who are the victims of sexual abuse. The club members offer a forum for students who have different viewpoints and experiences, and by sharing those, educate each other on the injustices that we might not personally face.

GENDERS & SEXUALITIES ALLIANCE: Ms. Engel, Mr. Maksimowicz, Advisors

Meeting Day: Monday, Time: 2:35, Location: 300

Did you know you don't have to be gay (or bi or queer or trans, etc.) to be in GSA? The mission of the Calhoun GSA is to cultivate an atmosphere of tolerance and acceptance of all people regardless of gender, sexuality, or any other difference by fostering awareness, promoting education, and supporting political activism in our community. Calhoun GSA advocates for equal rights for all and strives to eliminate ignorance and bias in the community, creating a safe school environment where all students can feel welcomed and accepted for their unique talents and contributions.

GLAMOUR CLUB: Ms. Boland, Advisor

Meeting Day: TBA, Time: 2:35, Location: TBA

HOOFBEATS: Mr. Boland, Advisor

Meeting Day: Monday, Time: 2:35, Location: 218

Hoofbeats is the official student newspaper of Calhoun, informing students, teachers, and the community of the school’s news and events. The paper is produced five times a year and spotlights the latest happenings on and around campus. Filled with news, sports, editorials, entertainment, and more, the paper serves as a source and forum for students. A nationally recognized and award winning newspaper, Hoofbeats is written and edited by the students and does its best to capture the essence of the goings on within the hallways of Calhoun.


Meeting Day: Friday, Time: 2:35, Location: 235


Comprised of a diverse group of individuals, the International Buddy Club intends to further interconnect students of all ethnic and linguistic backgrounds. Through educating one another on our different cultures, values, and traditions, we strive to manifest a sense of belonging amongst students of various racial and ethnic roots, thereby bridging the gap between minority and majority populations. Throughout the year, we will be hosting a variety of interactive activities that will allow members to experience foods, belief systems, and ways of life in different parts of the world, all while encouraging bonding and friendship. Join us! All are welcome, any time of year.


Meeting Day: First Thursday of each month, Time: 2:50, Location: 207 / + special events. 

The mission of the Italian Culture & Language Club is to promote and discuss passion for the Italian language and culture.  It gives its members opportunities to experience Italian outside of the classroom in a more relaxed and informal atmosphere.  We attempt to include everyone, all students no matter the language they study.  Our discussions promote global and cultural awareness and respect in a comfortable and welcoming environment.  This club enriches linguistic study while uniting students in their passion for all things Italian.  Activities include discussions and enjoyment of art, music, films, food, magazines & books, as well as current issues, events, and fashion in Italy. Student lead!  Opportunities for both charity & leadership!

JAPANESE CULTURE CLUB: Ms. Finneran, Advisor

Meeting Day: Wednesday, Time: 2:40, Location: 126

The Japanese Culture Club is a group of students that appreciates Japanese and Asian Cultures and meets regularly to learn more about it.  Together we learn about Japanese Culture through discussions, power point presentations, guest speakers, videos, and trips.  We also participate in important school events like Colt Fest, Health Fair, and the annual Japanese Tea Ceremony with Camp Avenue Elementary School.  We welcome new members!

JUNIOR CLASS: Mr. Joyce, Advisor

Meeting Day: Monday, Time: 2:35, Location: 123

The Junior Class and its officers are responsible for making decisions on behalf of the entire class, fundraising money, and planning events. All Juniors are welcome. Come out and support your class.

KEY CLUB: Ms. Ruvolo, Advisor

Meeting Day: Wednesday, Time: 2:35, Location: West Cafe
This club consists of students who volunteer their time with various fundraisers and charities. They support the entire community taking part in numerous street fairs and events, as well as donating and participating in walks for a cause.

MATH HONOR SOCIETY: Ms. Biscardi, Advisor

Meeting Day: TBA, Time: 2:35, Location: 310

MATH TEAM: Mr. Lessig, Advisor

Meeting Day: Tuesday, Time: 2:25, Location: 308

The Math Team is comprised of members from all grade levels who share an enthusiasm of math.  We will be participating in the Nassau County Interscholastic Math League competitions.

MEDIA CLUB: Ms. Hollings, Advisor

Meeting Day: Tuesday, Time: 2:35, Location: Library Classroom

Media Club will focus on how to create and publish newsworthy stories via social media and YouTube. We will work on skills such as filming, editing and the art of communication through media.

MEDICAL CLUB: Ms. Cinelli, Advisor

Meeting Day: Monday, Time: 2:35, Location: TBA

Students who participate in the club will engage in medical volunteer work, including fundraising for certain charities or volunteering at a hospital, such as NUMC for a day in the pediatric ward.

MODEL CONGRESS: Ms. Finneran, Advisor

Meeting Day: Monday, Time: 2:35, Location: 126

Model Congress is a group of students who meet regularly to discuss current national issues being discussed in Congress. They take on roles of representatives and debate and vote whether or not bills should become laws. The class actively works to develop future leaders in government and inform the student body of important bills that might affect them.

MODEL UN: Ms. Khan and Mr. Formato, Advisors

Meeting Day: Thursday, Time: 2:35, Location: 128

The National High School Model United Nations is bringing a global perspective to future leaders. Model U.N. offers students a simulation of the diplomacy, problem solving, and the responsibilities of the United Nations. The students make up the various delegations of the U.N. and play the role of diplomats in the United Nations within the various committees. Through effective role-playing, Delegates must make an effort to solve international problems. This task, however, must be accomplished without violating the bounds of the member states’ national charter.

NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY: Ms. Ackerman & Ms. Thienachariya, Advisors

Meeting Day: As necessary, Time/Location:  As announced

The Calhoun High School National Honor Society is both a service and academic honor society that serves the Calhoun community. Members must fulfill the five point requirement to graduate as members of the honor society. Inductions are held in the spring for juniors and in the fall for seniors.

PEGASUS: Mr. M. Goldberg, Mr. Perry, Advisors

Meeting Day: Wednesday, Time: 2:35, Location: 209

This club creates and publishes Pegasus, Calhoun's Literary Magazine. Club members have the opportunity to be involved in all stages of the process including creation of literary and artwork, editing, layout, selection of work, etc.

PHILOSOPHY CLUB: Ms. Finneran, Advisor

Meeting Day: Every other Friday, Time: 2:20, Location: 126

Students engage in open discussion about philosophical questions that boggle the mind every day.

PREP COMPUTER CLUB: Ms. Loonie, Ms. Picchioni, Advisors

Meeting Day: Wednesday, Time: 2:35, Location:111

PREP Computer Club will provide students the opportunity to expand their computer skills while socializing with peers. Students will be educated about computer/internet safety and will complete projects using various basic software programs as well as internet resources.

PREP COOKING CLUB: Ms. Gaylor, Ms. Venier, Advisors

Meeting Day/Time/Location: TBA

Cooking club allows students to learn to read and make new recipes, while learning a variety of skills such as hygiene, safety, math (measuring), following directions, nutrition, table etiquette, motor coordination, social skills and other life skills. Students will help bake for events such as the Thanksgiving Dinner. Students will have to opportunity to make and taste new food.

SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions): Ms. Cinelli, Mr. Campbell, Advisors

Meeting Day: Monday, Time: 2:35, Location: B275

Calhoun's SADD Chapter is a local branch of a national organization. Its members consist of students interested in helping other students refrain from making destructive decisions. SADD's mission is to provide students with the best prevention and intervention tools possible to deal with the issues of underage drinking, other drug use, impaired driving, teen violence, etc.

SCIENCE CLUB: Mr. Ludwig, Ms. Melo, Ms. Reischman, Advisors

Meeting Day: Thursday, Time: 2:30, Location: 312/111 when available

The focus of Science Club is the Science Olympiads competition in February. Students with an interest in science, art, and construction are highly encouraged to get more information about this county-wide event. It is a challenging and fun way to practice teamwork, innovation, problem solving, and science!  Come join us!

SENIOR CLASS: Ms. Arresto, Ms. DeBonis, Advisors

Meeting Day: TBA, Time: before period 1, Location: TBA

The Senior Class and its officers are responsible for making decisions on behalf of the entire class, fundraising money, and planning events. All seniors are welcome. Come out and support your class.

SOPHOMORE CLASS: Ms. Separ, Mr. Elias, Advisors

Meeting Day/Time/Location TBD

The Sophomore Class and its officers are responsible for making decisions on behalf of the entire class, fundraising money, and planning events. All sophomores are welcome. Come out and support your class. 

STUDENT COUNCIL (STUDS): Ms. Arresto, Advisor

Meeting Day: Monday, Time: 2:35, Location: 208

If you are interested in planning school events and fundraisers, then Student Government is for you! Student Government helps share students’ ideas, interests, and concerns with teachers and school administrators.  We plan and host school-wide activities such as Pep Rally, Colt Fest and Battle of the Classes, and we hold several fundraisers for various charities throughout the course of the school year. Please visit us on our website for more information.

TED-Ed CLUB: Ms. Ritaccio, Advisor

Meeting Day: Wednesday, Time: 2:35, Location: 210

TED-Ed Club will help students prepare for the opportunity to perform their own TED-Ed talks which could be posted on YouTube for others to watch.

ULTIMATE FRISBEE: Mr. Pisano, Advisor

Meeting Day: Fridays, Time: 2:35, Location: TBD (check [email protected] for updates)

Similar in play to soccer and basketball, Ultimate Frisbee is a non-contact team sport that is played by thousands of people all over the world, particularly at the collegiate level. One of the world's fastest growing sports, Ultimate is a fast-paced game, demanding its players to develop sharp throwing techniques, immense stamina, agility, and collaborative skills. It is a great way for students to unwind and take a mental break after a long day in school. Our purpose is simple and straightforward; to have fun, get active, and create a positive social environment for students. We will be running, jumping, and diving so please dress accordingly. Likewise, if you are just interested in learning how to throw a Frisbee or want to hangout and watch, we encourage all newcomers to join in the fun.

WORLD OF DIFFERENCE: Ms. Romito, Advisor

Meeting Day: Thursday, Time: 2:35 PM, Location: B168

Join our Edmodo group for information: pa4g43 or click:
The World of Difference club is part of a national organization which promotes prejudice reduction in schools. The World of Difference club has been involved many community-based events that focus on helping the community.  Our most known events are the Halloween and Valentine’s Day Prep dances, The Giving Tree project that help families in need during the holidays, and beach clean-up. All are welcome to join!

YEARBOOK — PACER: Ms. Lohr, Advisor

Meeting Day / Time: Changes weekly, Location: 200

All aspects of creating the 2019-2020 yearbook: photography, artwork, page layout, fund-raising. Students should bring their creativity and enthusiasm.


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