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Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment


Central Administration

Michael Harrington, Assistant Superintendent
Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
(516) 992-1040
[email protected]


 As you scroll through the pages of the Bellmore-Merrick website, you will find information regarding transportation, buildings and grounds, special education, food services, curriculum, etc.  Each and every office and employee of the school district recognizes that our primary goal is the delivery of curriculum and instruction for all of our students.  No matter what our assignment, we strive to meet this expectation.  The superintendent continually asks us to ask ourselves, “What have I done for a kid today”.  The information contained in this portion of the website will guide you through the many curricular initiatives our district is presently undertaking.  If you peruse the whole site, you will recognize that the information contained, and the motivations of those who implement it, are continually focused on what is best for our students.  Our collective goals center on great teaching and great learning.


Contact Information
The Curriculum Office

Health, Athletics &
Physical Education

Eric Caballero
(516) 992-1048
Fine & Performing Arts
Cheryl Fontana
(516) 992-1044
Special Education
Eric Arlin
(516) 992-1050

Emily Paluseo
Assistant Director
(516) 992-1052
Joseph Innaco
(516) 992-1057

AP Capstone


Seventh Grade Course Presentations



Art & Music


World Languages

Technology and Family and Consumer Science


Online Survey: 7th Grade Course Selections



Ninth Grade Course Presentations

Eighth Grade Scheduling Specialty Program

Social Studies



Curricular Budget Presentation 2018-19




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