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 Professional Development Academy

 We have posted the PDA courses on the Bellmore-Merrick MyLearningPlan “Professional Development Academy” page. To review the offerings and register, go to, log on and click on the “District Catalog” link on the left hand column.  Then in the search menu click on the pull-down menu where it says “All Programs” hit the option for “Professional Development Academy” and then click on search.  Scroll down and you will be able to review the course offerings.


Dates: 3/20/2018 and 3/22/2018

Location: Merrick Ave Middle School - Room 201

Time: 3:30pm - 5:30pm

Take advantage of the technology that students are using everyday to create unique homework opportunities with great outcomes. Come and check out some great new apps and websites that can help you transform your homework into interactive assignments that give you and your students new levels of engagement and feedback. Flipgrid, Google Forms, Quizlet, Edpuzzle, Quizzz and maybe even more.


Dr. Joseph Scardapane
Dr. Joseph Scardapane
Wendy Simson and Saul Wiener