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Parents Corner

A message from the District Director of Athletics

In the Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District, we understand and appreciate how important it is for families to see their children perform at their best.

As educators, our primary focus is on individual and team improvement with the ultimate goal, not necessarily on winning, but rather a positive experience and the lessons that are associated with healthy participation in sport. However, we all play an integral role, both parents and educators, in developing the student-athlete. Our work together makes for a winning combination in providing successful experiences in athletics, as well as, the classroom.

Many of you may have heard of the “One Voice, One Message” initiative held in high regard throughout our district. In applying this message to athletics, it is important to recognize the connection between this initiative and how we all support our student-athletes. Communication amongst parents and coaches is an integral part to successful experiences in sports. For instance, if a coach and parent are offering different suggestions to an athlete simultaneously to improve a particular skill set, naturally, this could result in some confusion. In this scenario, while the support is evident, the message becomes inconsistent.

Please trust in the messages that are communicated daily in the teaching of sound principles and strategies in the sport your child may participate in. It is essential that, in conjunction with your support, our coaches are permitted to establish and build an effective team culture. We encourage you to join us in communicating the message of Teamwork, Dedication and Partnership. Together, our student-athletes will undoubtedly achieve more, not only on the playing field, but in their academic pursuits.

Finally, remember that positive parental feedback is of the utmost value in the important task of helping your child perform at his or her very best. We look forward to your continued support in maintaining a positive environment for our athletic programs.

Please take a moment to view a few short video clips that we feel best reflect the philosophy of the Bellmore-Merrick Parent/Coach partnership. Thank you.


Eric Caballero

District Director of Athletics, Physical Education, Health & Driver Education

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