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Code of Ethics

It is the DUTY of all concerned with school athletics:

  • To emphasize the proper ideals of sportsmanship, ethical conduct and fair play.
  • To respect the integrity and judgment of sports' officials.
  • To achieve a thorough understanding and acceptance of the rules of the game and the standard of eligibility.
  • To encourage leadership, interaction and good judgement by the players on the team.
  • To recognize that the purpose of athletics is to promote the physical, mental, moral, social and emotional well-¬being of the individual player.
  • To demonstrate self-control and mutual respect at all times. Uncontrolled emotions can be self-defeating.
  • To remember that an athletic contest is not a matter of life and death for players, coaches, officials, home, school or community.
  • To be able to accept victory with grace and defeat with dignity. Poor winners or losers do a disservice to themselves and their community.
  • The use of crude or abusive language or gestures in dealing with opponents, officials or spectators will NOT be permitted at any time.

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