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It is the responsibility of all coaches, staff, athletes, parents, spectators and community members to exhibit the high¬est level of sportsmanship and fair play at all times. We ALL assume the responsibility of teaching our children at, every level, about the positive aspects of respect, fair play and ethical conduct under all circumstances. The values to be derived from playing the game fairly should be stressed, and any action which tends to destroy these values must be discouraged. Courtesy should be shown towards coaches, opponents, officials, supervisors, spectators and administrators AT ALL TIMES.

Further, it is the duty of all concerned with athletics, at all levels, to remember that an athletic contest is a game and should be kept in that perspective. The lessons and values taught will leave lasting impressions. Therefore, every effort should be made to have these experiences remain POSITIVE.

Sportsmanship is a goal for everyone -athletes, coaches, officials, spectators and community.

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