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Photo of School Bus

Thomas Volpe
Director of Transportation
Ph: (516) 992-1024
Fax (516) 623-8911

Ann Kaprat
Assistant Supervisor of Transportation
Ph: (516) 992-1025
[email protected]

Transportation Coordinators

Grand Ave MS, Anna Fiderer (516) 992-1103
Merrick Ave MS, Theresa Tuccitto (516) 992-1213
S.H. Calhoun HS, Patricia Valerioti (516) 992-1313
J.F. Kennedy HS, Nancy Golden (516) 992-1409
W.C. Mepham HS Lori DiGiulio (516) 992-1508


Transportation Applications

Applications can be obtained on-line or at the Bellmore-Merrick CHSD Administration Office, 1260 Meadowbrook Road N. Merrick.

Minimum Distances for Bus Eligibility

It is the policy of this district that each child residing more than 1 mile from the middle school and 1.25 miles from the high school attended is eligible for bus transportation.

How Distances are Measured

The actual distances are measured from the center of the street opposite the property line nearest to the school, along the center line of the streets, to the curbline of the nearest entrance to the school grounds, and further to the nearest doorway of the school building. Measurement is made by a licensed survey company which has been employed by the school district.

Frequently Asked Bus Stop Questions

The bus passes my house on the way to a stop up the street. Why can’t it just stop and pick up my child at home?
Please understand that we transport more than 5400 students every day, so it is impossible to provide door-to-door service to everyone, and to do it in a timely manner. It is more efficient to pick up several students at one stop, usually at a corner or mid-way point for the students.

How can I get the stop moved closer to our home?
It is important to remember that the parent is responsible for the safety of the child to and from the bus stop. With our routing software, and our knowledge of the area we service, we try very hard to place our bus stops at the safest location possible.

Why does our bus stop change from year to year?
Each year, students move in and out of our neighborhoods, plus students advance in grade levels. Therefore, stops change to accommodate all students in the area.

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