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Mepham Classes Battle for Charity

Students at Mepham High Schoo thumbnail252315

Students at Mepham High School came to battle on Nov. 15 at their annual Battle of the Classes.

Students from all four grades represented their classes in an oversized volleyball game, relay races, a dance competition, tug of war and the famed Pirate Relay.

The faculty were represented as well with their own team and a special dance performance choreographed by Mepham's kickline team.

The senior class of 2024 prevailed as the night's winner after securing wins in the pre-events including Penny Wars, Class Color Day and the Stairway Climb.

The event was coordinated by teachers Kerry Dennis, Chris Patten and the students in Participation in Government as a part of the Senior Service-Learning Project. All proceeds from this year's Battle of the Classes along with the Flag Field of Honor and Stairway Climb will go toward the veteran-led disaster relief organization, Team Rubicon.

Since September, the Senior Service-Learning Project has raised more than $9,000 for Team Rubicon.Team Rubicon is a veteran-led humanitarian organization that serves global communities before, during, and after disasters and crises. Recognizing that veteran’s military training, service and experience make them uniquely qualified to respond to disasters, Team Rubicon positions veterans to make decisions and take action in the austere environment of disaster.

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Date Added: 11/22/2023

Broadcast Students Prepare for Fall Challenge

students in broadcasting studio thumbnail251820
students in broadcasting studio
students in broadcasting studio thumbnail251821
students in broadcasting studio
students in broadcasting studio thumbnail251822
students in broadcasting studio

Students in the Bellmore-Merrick Broadcasting program participated in a Zoom session with CBS News National Correspondent David Begnaud ahead of their preparation for the Student Television Network’s Fall Challenge.

The Fall Challenge is a national competition that has become an annual tradition for BMB, where students are provided with a prompt by STN and then allowed six days to create a news package or short film.  

Begnaud, who began his career in television journalism while he was still in high school, encouraged students to not focus on the technology, but rather on the story, “What is your human purpose?   

“That's what I want you to take away, I want you to leave today with,” Begnaud noted. “And I want you to say to yourself, what is it that sets my soul on fire? If you don't have the answer, it's okay. But get about the business of finding it. Because it is either this or it is something else. And that is what will make you happy. That is what will make you work without worrying about money. That is what will make you successful.”

The news correspondent also offered the students tips they could use in their current competition. 

“The first thing you’ve got to do when you find a story is to figure out what it is that interests you,” Begnaud advised. “Because if it doesn't interest you, you're going to have a hard time making it interesting to me.” 

Junior Ryan Marr appreciated this advice. 

“One of the hardest things is figuring out where to start,” Marr explained. “Mr. Begnaud showed us that you just have to start and to have the confidence to just go off and talk to people to learn their stories.” 

Submissions will begin airing on BMB’s Midweek Update on Nov. 15.


Mepham Celebrates Homecoming

Picture of Students thumbnail250277
A little rain couldn’t stop Mepham from playing their homecoming game and celebrating other traditions on Oct. 7.

While their pep rally and festival had to be canceled, the homecoming court was celebrated at halftime and included students Julia Amon, Grace Pantelis, Josh Ramdayal, Kieran Kehoe and Ibrahim Alam and Kristen McCoy. Alam and McCoy were crowned king and queen, respectively. The kickline and cheerleading squad performed at halftime as well, pepping up the crowd.

Dr. David Krinsky served as the homecoming grand marshal. Unfortunately, the Pirates fell to New Hyde Park, 22-15.

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Date Added: 10/10/2023

Mepham’s Vladimir Mkrtchian Earns Poetry Award

Mepham’s Vladimir Mkrtchian Earns Poetry Award thumbnail250274
Mepham’s Vladimir Mkrtchian Earns Poetry Award

Vladimir Mkrtchian, a junior at Mepham High School, received a distinguished honor in the 2023 Young Armenian Poets Awards by the International Armenian Alliance.

Mkrtchian's original poem, "Anahit's Legacy," was selected as one of three winners in this year's competition, focusing on the theme of Armenian visibility.

“Mkrtchian’s poem skillfully delves into the complex emotions associated with the Armenian experience and the broader human condition,” explained Dr. Mary Allegretta, an English chairperson. “It addresses themes of identity, displacement and the juxtaposition of the American Dream with the wider world's turmoil.”

Dr. Allegretta added that Mkrtchian's accomplishment is a testament his dedication to poetry, literature and the Armenian community.

"His achievement serves as an inspiration to fellow students and demonstrates the outstanding creativity of students at Mepham,” she noted. 

"Anahit's Legacy" will be featured prominently on both the Armenian Cultural Platform website and the International Armenian Literary Alliance website, reaching a global audience passionate about Armenian culture and literature. Mkrtchian has also been awarded a $75 cash prize.

The Young Armenian Poets Awards, organized annually by the International Armenian Alliance, aim to recognize and celebrate the literary talents of young Armenian poets between the ages of 14 and 18. 


Mepham Head Custodian Honored for Extinguishing Fire

Mepham head custodian honored at board meeting. thumbnail250149

Charlie Pennington, head custodian at Mepham High School, was recognized at the Central High School District’s Oct. 4 board meeting for extinguishing a fire in the school’s kitchen near the end of the summer.  

Pennington had been landscaping the grounds when a call come over the radio that the fire alarm was going off and smoke was pouring out of the kitchen area.

Pennington relied upon his more than 30 years of training and service as a volunteer firefighter to quickly and safely eliminate the threat.


“Due to Mr. Pennington’s quick thinking and selfless actions, no one was injured in the incident and there was no permanent damage to the building,” said trustee Nina Lanci at the board meeting. “This is just an example of the type of person he is, and the way in which he has dedicated himself to the Mepham community at large.”

Pennington has served the community for several years and has a reputation of always going above and beyond for Mepham and the entire district.

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