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Sanford H. Calhoun High School

Sanford H. Calhoun High School Building Photo
1786 State St
Merrick, NY 11566
Ms. Nicole Hollings

  Assistant Principals:
  Ms. Danielle Amato
  Mr. Michael Hughes
  Mr. Mark Melkonian

 Attendance: 992-1312, 1353, 1354
 Guidance: 992-1319
 Main Office:

Important Information 

The transportation schedule for Barry Tech and GC Tech students for FRIDAY May 24, 24 is as follows.

BOCES Barry Tech will be open on Friday MAY 24, 2024 High Schools will be closed

AM Barry Tech students:
6:45 AM pick-ups at stops. Walkers are required to walk to their respective HS’s,
10:20 AM: Buses pick-up at BOCES, Drop walker’s at respective HS’s, riders at stops

PM Barry Tech students:
10:00 AM: BOCES Routes Start – Pick-up at stops & HS, Walker’s walk to HS
2:20 PM: Buses pick-up at BOCES, Drop walker’s at respective HS’s, riders at stops

BOCES GC Tech will be open on Friday MAY 24, 2024, High Schools will be closed.

AM Barry Tech students:
6:15 AM pick-ups at stops. Walkers are required to walk to their respective HS’s,
9:35 AM: Buses pick-up at BOCES, Drop walker’s at respective HS’s, riders at stops

PM Barry Tech students:
9:35 AM: BOCES Routes Start – Pick-up at stops & HS, Walker’s walk to HS
1:35 PM: Buses pick-up at BOCES, Drop walker’s at respective HS’s, riders at stops



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Current News

Calhoun Girls Track & Field Captures First Title in School History

Calhoun High School girls track & field team. thumbnail258752

The Calhoun High School girls track & field team earned their first Nassau County championship title in school history.

After winning their third consecutive county title this past winter, all eyes were on the girls from Calhoun this spring. A spring county championship has served as a thorn in the girls' side for the past few years, finishing runner-up to powerhouse Valley Stream North; but this year was different.

Coming into the Nassau County championship, the girls fought to win their 7th consecutive conference title and 8th straight division. In the process, the girls earned their 103rd consecutive victory. All three of these are currently the longest women’s track streaks in all of New York State.

“We knew we would get everyone's best shot week in and week out. Everyone wanting to be the team to knock off Calhoun,” Coach Joseph Migliano said.

The girls got off to a fast start at the county meet with Captain Kaitlyn Stibritz taking second place in the 2,000-meter steeplechase, followed by sophomore standout Sophia Delcid taking 4th and running a 15-second personal best. This opened a 12-point lead over the talented Valley Stream North team. However, that lead was short-lived as Valley Stream took 1st and 2nd in the High Jump and Shot put, scoring a combined 36 points in those two events. Dana Wauchope would take 4th in shot, with Lauren Rosario taking 3rd in High jump to mitigate.

Valley Stream's lead was halted as Calhoun walked onto the jumps runway.

“It's no secret the jumps program at Calhoun has been the heart and soul of the team for the past six years, earning the honor of the best jumps program in all of New York State for the second year in a row,” Migliano said.

Sophia Hines would lead the squad of Yolina Bastien and Danielle Lawrence to another clean sweep in the triple, scoring 24 points for the team. In between jumps, Danielle Lawrence took 3rd running a season-best and one of the top times in NY in the 100-meter dash, going 12.35 seconds. Hines and Bastien were right back on the runway for the long jump where they finished 1st and 3rd in the event and bring jumps newcomer Lauren Rosario along with them for a fourth-place finish as well, adding another 20 points to the team's total.

As the girls were celebrating a tremendous jumps performance, all eyes went back to Lawrence as she set up to run the 100-meter hurdles final. This was a crucial race for the team as Valley Stream was slated to finish 2nd, 3rd, and 5th. Danielle continued her breakout day running a season-best time for 2nd in the hurdles, knocking Valley Stream down to 4th, 5th, and 6th places.

“Our girls came into the meet as the best jumps program around, and they didn’t disappoint, but Dani today was something different,” Migliano added. “Everyone accounts for Sophia and Yolina to handle their business, but Danielle is the one that turned the day around for us. She had a historic meet and hands down was the MVP.”

Kaitlyn Stibritz took 4th in the 3,000-meter run, and Dana Wauchope finished 3rd in Discus. The strong finish came from the team's 4x800m relay, led by freshman standout Kristin Higgins. Higgins waited all day for this race and when her opportunity arose, she came through, running a 10-second personal best in the 800, to lead the team of Sophia Delcid, Kaitlyn Stibritz, and Jamie Menninger-Low to a 4th place finish.

Calhoun went on to win the meet 94-77 over Valley Stream North, claiming their first-ever spring county title.

Coach Migliano said he explained to the girls the significance of this meet and why it meant so much to him and the program.

During the 2020 spring season, the girls were the most complete team they ever had; sadly, that season was cut short due to the COVID pandemic.

Elizabeth Tuzzolo, who was a member of that team and now a coach, said this win was unlike any other. 
“We didn’t want to just win for us, but we wanted this for our 2020 class,” Migliano added. “The hardest thing I ever had to do as a coach was tell that amazing class that there would be no spring season. This win is bigger than any athlete, bigger than the team; this win is for the program; Elizabeth, and those girls who came before us.” 

Date Added: 5/22/2024

Autism and Neurodiversity Acceptance Month Celebrated Throughout CHSD

high school students thumbnail257991

Students and staff across the CHSD celebrated Autism and Neurodiversity Acceptance Month throughout April.

The goal this month was to promote acceptance and genuine understanding of our differences.

“We each have something that makes us unique, and we are proud that our school community came together in such an exciting way,” explained Melissa Rohr, a special education chairperson at Calhoun High School.

Calhoun was the centerpiece of several events and activities that promoted and celebrated inclusivity and acceptance, but similar efforts were echoed throughout the district.

Calhoun Special Education teachers Melanie Picchioni and Carly Wagner organized daily activities in coordination with various clubs, sports teams, and departments.

“The goal of this initiative was to promote experiences allowing students and staff to make new social connections while engaging in unique hands-on activities throughout the month,” Rohr explained.

Some artistic hands-on activities included a Polaroid photo booth, puffy painting led by Brian Joyce’s Senior Leadership class, rock painting sponsored by the sophomore class, friendship bracelet making led by the speech department, and make your own sensory water bottles, led by Mrs. Funk, Mrs. Hayes and Ms. Donlin.

“Additionally, there were some physical activities including: lawn games in the courtyard sponsored by Coach Pisano and Coach Sieber’s varsity softball team, yoga sessions led by Coach Peck’s varsity kickline team, pickup soccer games sponsored by Coach Thomann’s varsity soccer team, and the very popular Karaoke parties led by Jeannette Pincus and the CCP,” added Rohr.

Other fun giveaways included tinsel hair extensions from the cosmetology students, the COORFEE cart and Colts Candy giveaways, and cotton candy spun by the PPS department.

Another highlight was a presentation on neurodiversity given by students Nattie Martin, a sophomore, and Alex Radinsky, a senior, on April 16.

“You have to understand what it is before diving into it,” Radinsky began the discussion. “We all think, feel, observe, and learn differently. A neurodivergent person can have just one disorder or a variety.”

“My goal in speaking to you all today is to inform and educate more people on neurodivergence from a perspective of a neurodivergent person,” added Martin. “Often times education is often done by neurotypicals, or parents of neurodivergent people and I feel like we should give more neurodivergent people a voice.”

Radinsky echoed a similar goal of “educating the community at Calhoun about neurodivergence so that we can make it a more welcoming place.”

Neurodiversity is represented by a rainbow infinity sign, explained the pair.
“The rainbow represents a spectrum, which shows that neurodiversity is a spectrum, and the infinity sing shows that there are infinite ways to be neurodivergent,” added Radinsky.

Martin noted that being a neurodivergent in a world that isn’t designed for you isn’t easy.

“We all have coping mechanisms to deal with it,” she explained. They each listed art, music, reading, cosplay, animals and more as some examples.

Radinsky also travels the country speaking on panels at cosplay and fan-based conventions about nondivergence and her experiences in effort or educate others.

“My goal is to speak about how people can go to conventions without their disability holding them back,” she added.

Martin spoke at the April 3 board meeting, encouraging verbiage be changed from Autism Awareness Month to Autism and Neurodivergent Acceptance Month, as well as utilizing the infinity sign instead of the puzzle. Martin explained that both are more universally known and being utilized within the community.

“The next day, one of our board members, Megan Ryan, who is the CEO of Nassau University Medical Center, went in and changed all of the symbols at NUMC as a result of Nattie’s words,” explained Superintendent Michael Harrington explained at the April 16 presentation. “What you two are accomplishing just makes us all so proud.”

At each event, participants in each event were asked to fill out paper infinity symbols with what makes them unique and special. These individual symbols were planted throughout the month to form a rainbow infinity tree.

Kiera Heller, a social worker who works closely with Radinsky and Marin and helped to organize the presentation said the students “have taught her so much.”

“I never thought that I could learn from students this much and they really have changed by perspective,” she explained. “I try to bring it back to our department here and they have prompted me to sign up to learn more through workshops and other trainings.”

“By the end of the month this tree was in full bloom in the halls of Calhoun, and it was so great to see how so many unique participants could come together to form one strong and beautiful tree,” Rohr explained.

MAP/Prep teacher Rebecca Menachem organized a great for Autism Acceptance Month on April 17.

“Students and staff decorated pieces of an infinity symbol puzzle to put together, decorated cookies and enjoyed a salad bar,” explained Catrina Christensen, MAP and Prep Academy School Counselor. “PREP students also presented about their Autism to the MAP students.”

Mallory Freely, a physical education teacher and girls’ lacrosse coach at Kennedy, worked with her players to organize a fundraiser game for Autism Acceptance Month.

“We raised $1,800 for the Brookville Center for Children’s Services selling t-shirts, bracelets, and concessions at the April 19 game,” Freely explained.

Click here to view the photo slideshow.

Date Added: 5/3/2024

Calhoun Art Students Collaborated with Belgium School

high school students thumbnail257513

Forty students in Heather Lohr’s Studio in Art classes at Calhoun High School participated in exchanging gifts and letters to students from VOX Pelt school in Belgium.

“I collaborated with art teacher, Sara Schoofs where we provided information to our students about the region, culture and what school life is like in both Belgium and New York,” she explained.

Then students painted bookmarks using the style of impressionism and wrote letters to each other about their personal experiences.
Lohr added that she is “so proud of my students for being a part of this unique experience.”

“Students were so excited to be able to interact with students their age from another country and the results came out amazing,” she said.

Click here to view the photo slideshow.

Date Added: 4/17/2024

Calhoun’s Ryan Karis Among Poetry Out Loud State Finalists

Untitled_design_(2)(2).png thumbnail257413
ryan karis thumbnail257414

Ryan Karis, a student at Calhoun High School, was among 18 state finalists at this year’s Poetry Out Loud competition in Manhattan, which was held in March.

To reach the state level, the students first competed at regional semifinals in February. At both the semifinals and finals, participants recited works from classic and contemporary poets and were scored by a panel of judges that included poets and educators.

The state competition was coordinated by the Teachers & Writers Collaborative in partnership with the New York State Council on the Arts.

Date Added: 4/16/2024

Calhoun’s Logan Schaeffler Nabs Second 1600M State Title

high school student and staff thumbnail257027

Logan Schaeffler, a senior at Calhoun High School on the track team, was recently named the two-time New York State champion for the 1600-meter run.

His journey to establishing himself as one of the top boys distance runners in the state nothing short of extraordinary.

“His unwavering commitment to his sport, coupled with his natural talent and sheer determination, has propelled him to the top of the ranks in the fiercely competitive world of track and field,” noted trustee Edward Corona at the April 3 board meeting where Schaeffler was honored. “Logan's remarkable time of 4:11 not only secured his victory but also stood as the best in the state this year, missing the state record by a mere half-second. Such a feat speaks volumes about his incredible skill and prowess as an athlete.”

Schaeffler’s achievements extend far beyond his recent triumph on the track.

“As a four-year varsity letter winner, he has consistently demonstrated his exceptional abilities, setting records and leaving a legacy that will be remembered for years to come,” added Corona. “Holding both the Nassau County cross-country record and the Nassau County indoor mile record at 4:11, Logan has proven time and again that he is a force to be reckoned with in the world of distance running.”

The board recognition also mentioned his “character, resilience, and humility” that truly set him apart.

“Logan remains grounded and humble, always attributing his success to hard work, dedication, and the unwavering support of his teammates, coaches, and loved ones,” Corona stated.

Schaeffler is set to attend Marist College in the fall to pursue a degree in graphic arts while participating in the school’s track program.

Date Added: 4/4/2024

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