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Calhoun’s Nickolas Mascary Among Essay Contest Winners

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Nickolas Mascary, a Calhoun High School senior, was recently named one of three winners of the Voices for Truth and Humanity essay contest.

“This prestigious competition was established with the aim of providing high school students a platform to showcase their knowledge of the Holocaust, and their understanding of society’s role in fighting hate and preventing future genocides,” explained Christina Cone, a social studies chairperson.

Participants were tasked with addressing the following thought-provoking prompts: What do you believe are the lessons societies should learn from the Holocaust, and how do you think those lessons are still relevant and applicable today? What might be some examples from history and today that can help us better understand these events? What inspired you to participate in this essay contest?

“Nick learned about the Holocaust and other genocides in a year-long course called Voices of the Past,” added Cone.

In his essay, Mascary wrote, “after witnessing acts of bias and prejudice in my surroundings, I assumed the role of president in my school's Racial Equity Club, creating opportunities for open forums and discussions about race and the Holocaust. Meeting Holocaust survivors like Leo Ullman strengthened my resolve to educate others about the largest atrocity in history and work towards preventing another Holocaust.”

His teachers were David Goldberg and Tanya Cestaro.

From a pool of entrants in Nassau County, three winners were chosen, each of whom received a $1,000 award.

Date Added: 9/8/2023

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