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Schools Rally Around ‘Be a Good Cookie’ Campaign

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The spirit and mission of the Be a Good Cookie campaign has taken off in a grass roots approach across the Central High School District.

This community endeavor honors the memory of Richie Capizzi — father of students at Merrick Avenue Middle School and Calhoun High School — and raises money and awareness for a cause that was close to his heart, pediatric cancer.All proceeds from fundraising and sales benefit the organization,Cookies for Kids' Cancer,in hopes that the community can raise enough money to fully fund a clinical trial research grant in Capizzi’s memory.

Community and school volunteers at Merrick Avenue set up a fundraising booth after school on Sept. 15.

“It has been truly inspiring to see an entire community honor the life of Mr. Capizzi by learning from his passion, dedication and philanthropy, and dedicating their efforts to support those battling pediatric cancer,” said Merrick Avenue Middle School Principal Katelyn Dunn. “It says so much about his legacy, but also about the beauty and power of this community.”

The Calhoun High School Key Club organized a cookie sale after school on Sept. 15 as well.

“When Key Club members are provided with community service opportunities it allows them to see firsthand just how much this can make a difference in the lives of others,” explained Melissa Stabile, a special education paraprofessional and Key Club adviser.

Through the sale of cookies today they raised $452. Their next cookie sale is planned for Sept. 29.

“It’s always a wonderful thing when a community joins together to support a good cause,” added Calhoun Principal Nicole Hollings. “This one is close to our hearts, and it has been great to see the support of so many.”

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Date Added: 9/19/2023

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