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Mepham’s Vladimir Mkrtchian Earns Poetry Award

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Mepham’s Vladimir Mkrtchian Earns Poetry Award

Vladimir Mkrtchian, a junior at Mepham High School, received a distinguished honor in the 2023 Young Armenian Poets Awards by the International Armenian Alliance.

Mkrtchian's original poem, "Anahit's Legacy," was selected as one of three winners in this year's competition, focusing on the theme of Armenian visibility.

“Mkrtchian’s poem skillfully delves into the complex emotions associated with the Armenian experience and the broader human condition,” explained Dr. Mary Allegretta, an English chairperson. “It addresses themes of identity, displacement and the juxtaposition of the American Dream with the wider world's turmoil.”

Dr. Allegretta added that Mkrtchian's accomplishment is a testament his dedication to poetry, literature and the Armenian community.

"His achievement serves as an inspiration to fellow students and demonstrates the outstanding creativity of students at Mepham,” she noted. 

"Anahit's Legacy" will be featured prominently on both the Armenian Cultural Platform website and the International Armenian Literary Alliance website, reaching a global audience passionate about Armenian culture and literature. Mkrtchian has also been awarded a $75 cash prize.

The Young Armenian Poets Awards, organized annually by the International Armenian Alliance, aim to recognize and celebrate the literary talents of young Armenian poets between the ages of 14 and 18. 


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